An In-Depth Look At Increasing Engagement On TikTok

TikTok is the triumph card for being stardom, as it keeps on growing and glowing. Everyone on this platform, trying to get famous and popular; to achieve this, generating engagement is the only option. On TikTok, you will notice that a creator became popular within a single video, but still, it will not work all the time. In this article, you will learn to boost your engagement rate and find effective ways to grow your account.

TikTok is a famous video-sharing app; it’s quite different from all the social media apps. Here, people will create their profiles and start shooting videos, jumping on current trends and challenges.

Did you know? Watch time is crucial on TikTok because the TikTok algorithm will monitor how long people engage with your videos before entering the next videos. Watch time can be easily identified using analytics. The longer video will bring more audience attention. If your video got more retention, then the algorithm will assume that your video is more engaging and push it on the “for you page.”

Let’s get started,

Kickstart Your TikTok With Eye-Catching Profile 

While creating a TikTok profile, your first and foremost step is picking relatable, catchy, memorable usernames. This is because when your profile appears in front of people’s eyes, their first action will be seeing your username. Hence try to avoid hard names that make your profile dull. It is recommended to use your real name for your TikTok profile, giving more recognition.

  • Check out some of the steps to highlight your TikTok profile,
  • Choose attractive pictures for your TikTok profile picture 
  • Don’t forget to link your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, which help to pull in audiences from other media.
  • It is important to make your profile public so that everyone will see and engage with your videos 
  • Give clear info about you and your interest; if you are running any business, mention them.

Come Up With Unique Content

Having a particular style, background and niche will make your audience discuss who you are and what you offer. This helps you to bring your audience and to engage with your upcoming videos. 

Do you know? People on TikTok will usually love to engage with fresh and entertaining content, especially with new twists. You can create any type of content on TikTok; it doesn’t matter. You can come up with new ideas like makeup tutorials, comedy skits, series, or any informative stuff. Remember, whatever you create must be entertaining, refreshing because these types of content will give more popularity. Show your creativity in every video and try to make your video something unique. It helps to get stand out from the crowd so that you can earn a unique place for your account.

Keep Your Eye On Current Happenings 

One of the effective ways to increase engagement rate is by getting involved in current trends and happenings. Moreover, people like to participate in funny dance challenges and jumping on different hashtags.

On TikTok, you will come across trending challenges and popular hashtags daily. If you pay attention and create your videos with those trending stuff, it will get discovered by many people. As soon as you spot any trending videos or viral challenges, don’t wait a single minute; start recreating on that stuff. Avoid copying the original videos; instead, try to showcase your own personality or voice in those videos. It helps to create a separate fan base for your content. 

Make Your Video Short & Sweet

People on TikTok like to engage with short videos than long ones, so if you want to increase engagement, make your video short. When your video is short, more people will likely interact in it.  If your ultimate goal is to increase your engagement rate, you have to post short and engaging videos. As a result, you will attain more engagement rate and audience attention. It will also help to receive more TikTok followers for cheap rates and gain lots of visibility for your account.   Also, it doesn’t mean long videos will get less engagement rate, but remember, be on the point avoid dragging it. 

Make Your Audience To Interact 

Creating engaging and interesting content matters to make your audience interact with it. Always have unique twists; leave something to make your audience guess. The interaction may be getting likes, comments, and shares from your audience. It helps to get more views and push your content to the “for you” page. When people comment on your videos, reply to them, it encourages other people to comment. That way, you can build conversation among your audience.

Frequency matters 

To hold constant engagement from your audience, you need to post videos frequently. Consistency is important and powerful when it comes to generating engagement. At the same time, don’t post videos in the name of frequency. Uploading quality content is essential to impress your audience. 

To post regular videos, you have to plan ideas or topics for all your videos before. Hence, you can schedule it accordingly. Before uploading your videos, ensure you have edited your videos. Influencers always recommend posting frequent videos to gain engagement rate, especially for new creators.

Along with frequency, posting time is important. First, identify your audience’s active time, then post your times depending on it. You can use TikTok analytics to find out your audience online time. 

Pick Catchy Titles For Your Videos 

Do you know? People will spend only one to three seconds to decide whether your video is worth it or not. This shows you have a short time to attract your audience. If your title is too boring, the audience will not show interest in engaging with your videos. Also, the engaging start is important to drag your audience to watch your video till the end. 

Include Hashtags 

Including right and related hashtags helps to boost your engagement rate. While adding hashtags, ensure it must connect with your videos. It is best to use trending and popular hashtags in your videos to get immediate attention from your audience. To find trending hashtags, keep your eye on “for you” and the discovery page. Also, check whether your hashtags are familiar with your target audience.


Gaining engagement is not only important to grow your account, but also, you can become famous on TikTok. Even you can collaborate with influencers to get more exposure and reach for your account. Remember to jump on current trends and challenges, which gives instant engagement. Well, this article will guide you to boost your engagement rate on TikTok.

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Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers.