The Art Of Recruiting on LinkedIn [Infographic]


Depending on your age, you may remember a time when you had to visit a potential employer’s office location if you wanted to apply for a job.  Chances are, employers reached out to potential candidates by advertising on the local or national newspaper.  Later, job sites were born making it easier for both employers and candidates to connect.  Then, LinkedIn was born.


I was first introduced to LinkedIn about 10 years ago by the company I was working for at the time.  It was the new way to try and find potential candidates.  Who could have guessed then how quickly and big it would have grown?


If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity, as both employer and employee.


If you are a leader that needs to find quality candidates, then it is worth your investment to truly understand the benefits of posting your job on LinkedIn.


There are Two Ways to Post Jobs on LinkedIn


Paid Ads:  These reach the LinkedIn members who have the skills your job requires.

  • Shares the job across the LinkedIn network making it visible to anyone on LinkedIn
  • Emails and displays the advert to all candidates who have skills and location matching the job posting
  • Creates a list of 50 suitable candidates who you can see and contact


Free Posts:  Spread the word organically about your job posting using several available tools.

  • Share the job post on your company page to reach people who follow your company on LinkedIn
  • Share the posting on your personal LinkedIn profile to reach your personal connections
  • Share the posting on relevant LinkedIn groups to reach people interested in a particular area


Though they both have its advantages, paid ads will give you the opportunity to reach out to more potential candidates quicker.  One of its key advantages is the time it will save you from searching for candidates organically.  If you are recruiting for a senior position, then this may be the best option.  Since it has a cost attached to it, you may not get an ROI if you are looking to fill an entry-level position.


The Ayers Group created an infographic on, “The Art of Recruiting on LindedIn”.


In it, you will find suggestions for:


  • How to advertise a vacant position on LinkedIn for free
  • How to promote vacant positions on LinkedIn for free
  • How to recruit passive candidates on LinkedIn
  • Building your employer brand
  • Spotlight employees in status updates


What recruiting method has worked best for you?


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