Becoming a State Prosecutor: Steps You Should Follow

A prosecutor is someone who represents a local, state, or the government in a criminal case. A prosecutor usually prosecutes accused criminals by file charges and providing evidence through information. Prosecutors generally fight against a defense attorney who represents the accused criminal.

Becoming a state prosecutor is a prestigious job, and one can fight crime in search of justice through legal procedures. To become a state prosecutor, it takes roughly about 7 to 8 years in Canada.

Steps in Becoming a State Prosecutor

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) is responsible for developing national regulations and procedures in becoming a lawyer. Across Canada, many law societies control lawyers and prosecutors in providing qualifications and experience. To become a prosecutor, one must follow these 5 steps:

  • Completing a pre-law undergrad degree
  • Taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Admit in the Law School
  • Completing a state bar admission course
  • Taking an internship or a clerkship   

Undergrad degree

Before considering law school, a student must complete a bachelor’s from an accredited university. Different state law school has specific requirements. However, getting a remarkable grade point is important.

You can choose any sort of bachelor’s degree, be it arts or science, as long as curriculum includes activities such as public speaking, debate, public administration, logical reasoning, writing, and research. Being a challenging, competent, and intelligent student with an excellent grade should be the main focus in undergrad.

Law School Admission Test

The LSAT is an admission test that checks a student’s thinking, reading, and reasoning capabilities. The test comprises of five sections in multiple-choice format through different problem-solving questions.

Getting a very high score in LSAT is extremely important. The application process is online, and the exam is usually taken on Mondays and Sundays in November, January, March, June, and July.

Getting a law degree from law school

Once you pass the LSAT, you can now get admitted to the law schools in Canada. In law school, students acquire a Juris Doctor Degree, which is a prerequisite to work as a prosecutor. To become a prosecutor of one particular state, a student should go to the accredited law school of that province.

Law school is a three years program, where students take active classes on law and get indulged in activities like writing law journals, attending legal clinics, taking part in mock trials, and find interest in specific in-depth law programs.

State bar admission course

The next step after graduating from law school is passing the bar exam. This differs from state to state in what kind of programs the exam offer, like having a work experience of 12 months and other things.

The bar exam requires extreme preparation, as this is the license to practice prosecution law within the state. The exam is administered by the Board of Bar Examiners and usually takes two days to complete the test.

Internship or clerkship

Becoming a state prosecutor can be very challenging and competitive, so improving a person’s education and job profile is very beneficial. For that, having real-life experiences through internships or clerkships can prove quite advantageous.

Law schools present seasonal internship programs for would-be lawyers. Students can also gain valuable experience by working and assisting alongside established prosecutors or law firms through clerkship. Some clerkship programs can even land a permanent job, depending on the credibility of the student.

Role of a Prosecutor

The basic role of a prosecutor is to ensure justice for a crime and prove the criminal’s lawful punishment through evidence claim and logical representation. For this, the first activity that a prosecutor does is to review police reports and conduct research.

Meeting with witnesses and communicating with them with all the relevant information is a part of their job as well. So, the prosecutor needs to be an excellent communicator and have a convincing approach in his speech to make sure he/she gets the job done.

Judging by this, a student must build up these qualities through extra-curricular activities in his/her education period.


Starting the law career as a state prosecutor is a fascinating and lucrative job. By completing a bachelor’s degree, getting admitted to law school, and clearing the bar exam, a student can be licensed to practice prosecution law in his/her desired state.

As the field is very competitive and challenging, it is advised that a student should consider applying for as many firms and agencies as possible with full passion and commitment.