How is Child Support Calculated in Regina?

Child support is dependent on many things but mostly on the income of the non-residential parent of the child. Every province of Canada follows the federal guidelines for determining child support. The Canadian government has a stringent law on it, and this law includes the child support table, the amount of contribution of every parent for caring for their child.

This law is also followed in Regina. In this article, we will discuss,”How is child support calculatedin Regina?”Here we will also show you the formulas and other important things regarding the calculation of child support.

How is child support calculated in Regina?

It is essential to pay child support according to the law of the Canadian govt until the child reaches the age of eighteen. There have many kinds of custody,and the calculations of the different custody are also different.

In Regina, two types of custody are popular. These are sole custody and shared custody. Their calculations are different from each other. Here we are giving you both counts. These are as follows:

  • In the case of Sole custody:

Here, we are discussing the amount of child custody hypothetically. For example, Jack and Rose have two children. Think that Jack’s monthly salary is $4000, and Rose’s salary is$2400.

According to the child support law of Canada, Jack has to pay $646 in every month as child support. And Rose has to pay $400 for the child support in case of sole custody.

But it is recommended that you calculate your child’s law by your family lawyer,or you can easily calculate your child support by using the software. You will get a lot of software for calculating child support.

  • In the case of Shared Custody:

According to share custody, there have some differences in child support. As the monthly child support of Jack is $646, and Rose’s monthly child support is $400, the differences in their payment are $264.

So, here Jack has to pay $264 as he is the higher earner between them. In another way, the total amount of their child support is $6400. Here Jack pays 63 percent of completechild support, andRose pays 37 percent of the child support. In that case, Jack pays $1046 or $646 as the child support every month according to the law of Canada.

Mainly these are the ways of determining Child support in Regina. For a more manageable way to calculate child custody, you can use child support calculator software, which you will easily get on many websites.

Why is the accuracy in Calculating child support important?

Giving accurate child support to your child will help your child to lead a better life because, as a minor, they don’t have any financial support. If they get more from you, it will be meet their financial need more. If you calculate the child support according to our rules, we hope it will be accurate enough as you want.

Providing child support in the right way will make sure that you are fulfilling all of your duties and responsibilities for your children. Actually, your financial obligations don’t end with your divorce. Always keep a thing in your mind that giving birth to your children was your decision. Here your children have no-fault, and that is why it is so unfair not taking any responsibility for your children.The payment of child support is the only financial they have. They are actually helpless without you. If your children want to file a case against you for not paying the accurate amount of child support, you will surely be in trouble.


It is essential to give child support for the non-residential parent for the betterment of their child, and it is strictly maintained in all the provinces in Canada by the govt of Canada.Similarly, it is also kept in Regina, and there have some rules and regulations for calculating child support.

If you need to know about the calculation of the child support in Regina, you can follow our formulas. We have given here the easiestway to “how is child support calculated in Regina?” Hopefully, it will be very beneficial to you when you are calculating your child support.