Best Ways for the Stress-Free School Management Organisation

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The shift from the traditional mode of teaching to virtual learning was difficult initially. Students and teachers have better knowledge of modern learning these days. But it is a hectic and time-consuming process when various applications are used for carrying out different tasks. To reduce your work burden we are here with an interesting solution, an integrated learning management app (ERP SYSTEM).

Go Schooler is the application for you!

Go schooler is an overall solution for educational institutions that allows you to handle tedious tasks. It is a convenient platform for both students and tutors. Managing thousands of data of students and keeping track of teachers could be daunting. Go Schooler ERP system manages all of these activities efficiently. It regulates all the school-related details and operations.

Go schooler is a compatible source for any management. It provides 24/7 access and is currently being used by a wide range of education providers. It is an all-in-one cloud whose ultimate goal is to provide a unique ERP cloud for each institution. The automation offered by Go Schooler reduces the dependency on manual processing.

How it works

Go Schoolers primary job includes maintaining attendance, guiding school administration, communication with students and parents, managing examinations, financial management, event management, timetabling, etc.

This platform is easy to access and is a common information-sharing platform for the students, parents, teachers, and all other members who are involved. 

It helps in directing and controlling significant activities of an institution. It ensures that vital tasks such as administration are completed with accuracy.

An effective functioning provides space and comfort to everyone who is a part of the administration. This encourages students to be attentive as it encourages them and teachers to get in touch with students at an increased amount.

Teachers can look into each students’ profile to evaluate their performance. It also enables parents to monitor and access all the information regarding their children.

It helps you to stay organized. With improved accuracy, you can approach any task with great confidence.

It gathers all the data, analyses information, and transfers it to various departments of the school.

Perks of using Go Schooler (

Advances in technology have changed the game of educational management. It has developed how they perform and handle operations. ERP solutions such as Go Schooler are key to upgrading the management process. It has the power of automation to bring all school’s operations into one.

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Effective Communication

Go schooler promotes a better student-teacher interaction. The degree of collaboration in between attained with the help of this application is better as compared to the manual functioning. This system is also broadened to external communication tools like email or even direct manages. Eventually, the gap between students, teachers, and parents decreases.

Save paper works

One of the primary usages of ERP is to become more digitalized and choose a modern way of storing data and information regarding the organization. This lessens paperwork. It can handle it fluently and tries to finish the task with accuracy. Since it also regulates fee collection, finances, library, admission, and so on, it indirectly minimizes the time and effort put to finish it. It covers the complete administration process.

Simplifies Admission Process

Admission is typically a long process in schools, colleges, or any educational institution. Each application consists of any information which includes personal details, academic details, specialization, fee payment, and more. A student is only eligible if he/she fulfills are the required criteria. To determine that, admin has to go through all the provided information. When the task is done manually, it is complicated and time-consuming. ERP systems of Go Schooler display all the necessary elements and makes the process much easier.

Attendance Management

Attendance is a predictor of whether students are regular to classes or not. Manual attendance is time-consuming, if you are a teacher you’d definitely be aware. On the other hand, online attendance offered by this cloud with a biometric solution not only reduces the amount of time but also maintains a standard note every day. Thus this software is well ahead of the curve.

Scheduled classes

Live classes are scheduled for the students. It provides access to teachers to conduct online classes from anywhere. Similarly, students can also attend their classes according to the timetable available on the portal. Virtual classrooms are interactive and improve learning. It is a unique combination of freedom and structure and these interests students.

Increases Productivity

The cloud ERP solution, Go Schooler ( boots the productivity of the organization. The reason for an increase in productivity is because a reduction in time and energy spent on managing and organizing school records. By this, you can focus on improving the quality of education and reach your desired goals.

Increases Teaching Time

By the implementation of this software, teachers can stay focused on teaching rather than spending their time on academic activities. Teaching being the primary goal of an educational institution gets all the importance for its proper functioning. It is the responsibility of Go Schooler to provide the best space to the management. Go schooler ensures that all the teachers are devoted towards educating the students.

Connect to your school from anywhere

With Go schooler, students, teachers, principals, or any other staff can remotely access any school information as it’s a web and mobile-based application. Anyone can access data, teachers can guide students, track students’ profiles, finish tasks from anywhere and anytime if you have access to an internet connection. 

Exam Management

By using ERP Go Schooler, any institution can conduct tests, exams, assignments, seminars online. The students can attend examinations as per the schedule. It allows students to attend exams from any location. An examination is proctored just to make sure that the proper conduct of an examination is in accordance. The recording is stored as proof of exams. Also, the results are immediately available to the students and later on, they can check their score anytime. 

Key Takeaway

Go schooler is particularly designed to address all the challenging activities faced in a management environment. This incredibly helpful ERP system is ideal for the administration and successful management of a school. It improves the way management functions.

This software helps in making managing activities more efficient. It has given a new perspective to educational organizations to improve the quality of function. By adopting Go Schooler, schools can achieve their significant goals. 

It is a powerful system to bring students, teachers, and parents on a common interactive platform. Easily accessible and cost-effective. Go Schooler can perfectly align with the needs of the school.