Bring Uniqueness in the Products and Differentiate Them in Market

Any market-oriented company’s goal should be to create a product offering that is different from competitive products, that isn’t easy to copy, and offers more excellent value to some market segment. In other words, the key is to make products that are irreplaceable in the opinion of consumers.

In order to offer a product different from the competition’s offer, it is necessary for said product to have a differential advantage that is capable of justifying the act of purchase and making a difference. The key to a competitive advantage in a market-oriented sector is understanding consumers and their purchasing decisions better than competitors. You have to know what consumers’ expectations of consumers are to produce products that can be sold instead of simply selling products because they can occur.

Product, Brand, and Packaging Characteristics

As mentioned, one of the characteristics of a saturated market such as the one we are dealing with is the parity between products. Thus, it could be considered that all companies that compete in the market do so by presenting products that offer the expected essential benefit without problems. 

Moreover, they must be submitted in unique boxes so that they can gain customer attention. Suppose it is taken as a hypothesis that there is also a parity in terms of the quality offered currently among most competitors. It is obtained that the variables that will be able to be managed to provide a product offer different from that of the competition are the characteristics of product, brand, and packaging.

Characteristics of the Product

The characteristics of the product are factors that most play when designing a product different from the competition. You can act by modifying or increasing the value of current features or creating products with other characteristics from those of the competition that can lead to new product concepts. This characteristic is so distinctive that it is difficult to say whether functional foods presented in dairy can still be considered desserts.

What is clear is that if the argument is not based on a quality that meets consumers’ expectations, it will not arouse any interest in them. It will be essential to highlight these characteristics in the most striking way possible on the unique boxes wholesale to achieve a good result.

So, if you want to generate sales, the best thing to do is enhance the brand’s reputation by highlighting the characteristics of the products. Your customers must be interested in knowing everything about the products, and there is no better way of doing that than by depicting product characteristics through packaging.

The Best Differentiators

Identifying the differentiators is not an easy task. Keep in mind that they are the ones that will define and promote your brand; they are the qualities that make up its organizational DNA.

That is why many companies claim the same qualities as differentiators.

Stop if you’ve heard this before:

  • “Our clients distinguish us.”
  • “We are trusted advisors for our clients.”
  • “We strive for excellence.”
  • “We offer fantastic customer service.”
  • “We have a patented process.”

In any case, if the product under consideration does not present a different purchase novelty for the consumer, good unique boxes for packaging may allow the product to make a difference in the first purchase, but not in subsequent purchases.

Create Brand Identity

The brand is another of the variables available to offer differentiated products. In highly competitive markets where consumers can choose from so many equally competitive products, creating a brand identity (branding) is especially important. There are many advantages to having a well-known brand identity:

  • The brand identity facilitates the product’s recognition by the consumer (from the graphics or the shape of the container, the logo, a sound, etc.).
  • Brand identity can lead consumers to develop purchasing loyalty to a specific brand.
  • A well-known brand can help the company bring new products under that brand to market with less risk.
  • A strong brand has an economic value in itself.
  • The brand identity helps to position the product in the mind of the consumer. 

As a general rule, because these products do not present an important or challenging purchase decision. Due to their characteristics, it can be considered that consumers do not want to buy a different product every week but prefer to remember the name and attributes of a list of products. It is a matter of optimization of resources. The customer knows that his shortlist products are satisfactory and, therefore, is susceptible to being purchased. This information stored in the consumer’s head is what is known as mind space.

The Role of Packaging

Both the brand and the packaging are generators of space in mind. Seeing and identifying a product frequently (on the shelf, in advertisements, etc.) helps increase its presence in the consumer’s mind. It improves its image as it is suggested that it is popular. 

This space in mind created from the identity of the brand or the unique packaging boxes may be minimal but sufficient to provoke an act of purchase. At that moment, once the consumer has direct contact with the product, and the product will become part of the consumer’s shortlist (provided that the product, obviously, really meets the expectations generated).

You can already begin to see part of the importance of packaging. On the one hand, it has already been seen that one of the tools that will help generate brand identity is the packaging. It has also been emphasized that the differentiating characteristics must be highlighted, among others, through unique gift boxes wholesale. But it also happens itself is a variable that can be used as a differential advantage. A container that improves the product, its transport, its use, its dispensing, etc., can become a differential advantage.