Build Your Own Emergency Car Kit With These Rare Necessities

Image from Pexels

The hard truth of the matter is you never know when disaster might strike on the open road. As of 2017, cars have been getting smarter than us but nearly a third of all new cars are ditching the spare tire with their new models. A new tire is the most basic of emergency car kit necessities, but that’s not the only thing you should make sure is settled in your trunk before you begin your journey. You could fill up an entire car with tools, tow straps, or $200 dollar emergency preparedness kits, but hopefully, these basics will help you get started on prioritizing your safety. Build your own, personal emergency car kit with these rare necessities.

Spare Tire

Your car should have a space for it: check your trunk for a liftable stowaway compartment. If not, find the location of your spare tire compartment. There is never a reason why your car should not have a brand new, fully inflated tire on hand at all times. If you ever come across an unfortunate flat, you will be happy you were safe rather than sorry. Consider also keeping a tire pressure gage or tire inflator on hand also for those pesky tire-related emergencies.

Jumper Cables

You can either buy a pair of five-star jumper cables for $15 on Amazon, or you can buy a more expensive, fancy pair elsewhere. The point is you should never leave the house without jumper cables. If your battery crashes, don’t try to use them yourself to get a jump unless you have the knowledge of how to do so.

Manual Fuel Pump

Consider GPI’s manual fuel pump for a portable, easy to install, and a clean fluid transfer. There are a number of reasons why you could run out of fuel without a gas station nearby. If you keep a fuel jug or a container that would allow you to collect fuel, and a manual fuel pump on you, your worries are dramatically lessened. You can siphon your own fuel into your own car from a gas station if you break down on the side of the road without help.

Window Breaker

The simplest and safest tool you might ever purchase is a hybrid window breaker and seatbelt cutter. It’s relatively cost-effective in terms of its high preventive measures. Keep it close to you in the driver seat for any time when you might find yourself trapped in your car with no way out but the window.

Flares/Fire Extinguisher

Should you ever find yourself in a car-related situation where you need to inform people of your whereabouts, you’ll be thankful for the flares or safety triangles you have equipped in your car. Almost every pre-prepared car emergency kit comes equipped with flares. They’re useful emergency tools to keep on hand for the times when emergency lights, or hazards, just won’t cut it. In the rare times an engine catches on fire, you will be thanking your past self for equipping your car with a fire extinguisher. Vehicle-related fires are not abnormal, and you can prevent an extremely dangerous situation simply by being prepared

It is your responsibility on the road to keep yourself, your passengers, and your fellow drivers safe. The first step of that promise before you even step on the gas pedal is emergency preparedness. An emergency kit could be the simplest thing you pull together, and the very thing that saves your life.