How to Use Business Email Lists

Five Best Practices for eCommerce Email Marketing

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Email showcasing is tied in with building a relationship with your clients by sending the perfect correspondence at the perfect time. This gets more earnestly as your client base develops. You likely don’t have the opportunity to send one-on-one messages to every last one of your endorsers, so how would you scale relationship-building? Email robotization.  […]

Net-Zero Pathways for Utility Companies

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Utility companies around the world are making bold promises of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. However, the pathway to net-zero isn’t without its challenges.  What is the best pathway to net-zero for utility corporations? What should a corporation do now to facilitate the deep decarbonization needed to reach net-zero emissions by 2050?  The utilities sector […]

Corporate Sustainability Management: Definition and Benefits

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Evidence shows us that sustainability management can lead to more efficient and profitable corporations. So what exactly is corporate sustainability management (CSM,) and how does it lead to better and more sustainable businesses?  In this article, the GHG emissions management specialists at SINAI explain sustainability management within the context of the corporate world and the benefits of prioritizing it […]


A Guide To Personal Cybersecurity

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Nowadays, everyone is complaining about cybersecurity breaches. In many cases, the victims of cyber-attacks think they cannot be targeted. However, hackers target even small businesses. Therefore, the first line of defense against cyber-attacks is familiarizing yourself with different types of cybersecurity threats, securing your passwords, and securing your phone. Types of Cybersecurity Threats Cybersecurity programs […]