Checklist For An Easy Job Relocation In 30 Days Or Less

Home renovation and relocation

When a career opportunity knocks, it may ask you to make some bold moves, and quickly. One such situation is a job opportunity that comes out of left field in which everything is perfect — except the opportunity is in a different part of the country and you’ve only got a month to relocate. 

Relocating for a job is stressful on its own. Now add the time constraint and you’ve got yourself an entirely different beast. When you’re under that kind of stress, it’s easy to become frantic and overlook things. Given the number of activities that need to be scheduled and coordinated, it’s extremely important to keep a level head and manage. You don’t want to overlook important details like forgetting to have the USPS forward your mail to your new address. Or making sure your new home has electrical power when you get there. These details can become major distractions when you’re trying to settle into your job, when you you’re trying to make the best possible impression on your new boss and coworkers.

The infographic below will help you plan and manage this transition into your new job and new living situation smoothly. It goes over 12 critical items to be taken care of, in rough chronological order. While there is still a lot of work to do after you internalize this checklist, you can sleep better knowing you have a rough outline of what needs to be done.

The two most important items on the checklist, not surprisingly, is selling your current home and finding a new one. The timing for these activities is difficult to foresee. The first home your realtor shows you in your new area may be the house of your dreams, or you may find nothing you like in the first month and need to arrange temporary housing accommodations.

In terms of selling your home, the timing can be just as unpredictable. One way you can take control of your time constraint is by selling your home to a property company specializing in buying homes “as-is” for cash at a fair price. This is a great option to take a big “to-do” item off the table and give yourself more time to make sure all your other relocation tasks are executed to perfection.

To learn more about how to make your job relocation a success from day one, check out the infographic below.