Is Covid-19 Changing Our Relationships?

Is Covid-19 Changing Our Relationships

The Covid-19 pandemic is here to stay, and we’re yet unsure of what the consequences will be. But, one thing is for certain: things will never be the way they were, especially when it comes to the way we interact, shop, study, and entertain ourselves. It’s safe to say that this pandemic is changing our relationships and that there is not a lot we can do. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because going through such a difficult situation can be both healing and harmful, depending on one’s attitude and pre-existing mental health state. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck, lost, and lonely during these times, then in this text you’ll find how and why has Covid-19 changed our relationships. 

We were ordered to spend time by ourselves 

Some people thrive on being social butterflies and spending time with others. On the other hand, others prefer to be alone. Therefore, all the safety measures, mainly lockdowns forced us all to be by ourselves, our thoughts without being able to see all our friends and relatives. For extroverts, this whole experience has been more difficult and traumatizing, while others found relief in solitude. However, it’s essential to point out that being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, which is what many people learned during the lockdown. 

Dating is not what it used to be

Before Covid-19, people were allowed to go out and meet whomever they pleased. But since the lockdown things changed drastically.  Since there are new rules, it means that not only dating but also people’s social habits went through a big change. Spending time on dating apps and websites became the only way to meet people without actually being able to see them. For some, that was probably a welcome change, while others felt suffocated by lockdown and strict rules that mandated social distancing. New, budding relationships that had potential fell apart before they even began because people were physically apart without any chance of seeing each other.  That said, the reasons why she’s left you on read are not necessarily the ones that used to be before everything changed. Keep that in mind.

Being forced to self-isolate brought some issues to the surface 

When there’s nowhere to go after a heated argument, everything seems worse and more hopeless. In many countries, lockdown made couples drift apart rather than unite, which is why divorce rates went through the roof. In Australia, 42% of couples reported negative changes in their relationships, while 55% said that their living arrangements presented a challenge for their happiness and well-being. Therefore, if you and your spouse feel like it’s time to let it go, it’s important to find a divorce family lawyer in Brisbane that can provide you with legal assistance during such a difficult period. Remember that divorce isn’t a failure of a marriage: it is simply two people who decided to part ways amicably and respectfully. 

Parenthood changed as well 

Covid-19 changed not only romantic interactions but also the way parents spend time with their children. Due to school closures, parents were obligated to homeschool their children and many of them realized that teachers deserve more appreciation than they get. Also, for some the whole situation helped them understand the importance of spending time with children. On the other hand, the home and family dynamics changed, especially for divorced parents who were not able to see their children as much as before. 

Friendships got stronger, or they fell apart

Friendships were also changed by the epidemic. A lot of people learned who their true friends are, and that is actually good because there is no point in spending time on friendships that don’t serve you and your well-being. However, that does not have to be a bad thing, because if there is anything that we all learned from this experience, it’s that we should love and cherish those people who will love and cherish us back. For many, the lockdown period came in handy, because they got time to reflect on their past and future relationship, which helped them understand the true value of friendships.


Relationships are like plants. If we don’t take care of them, they will fizzle out and die. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in our relationship, mainly with those who mean to us a lot. The Covid-19 pandemic just showed us how important relationships are, and that sometimes, being apart, can help us grow closer. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the current situation, don’t hesitate to communicate your feelings to your loved ones. Also, remember that reaching out first can be of great importance because showing others that you care will surely improve all the existing relationships in your life.