Culture Shock: Improving Company Culture Through Technology

Corporate culture determines the norms and behaviors of a company. Having a strong company culture can ensure employees are certain in their response to any given situation and are confident in demonstrating the company’s values.

Small business owners and startups must keep in mind legacy solutions deliver digital disconnects, in turn creating a fragmented cultural framework that might not be as effective. Improving corporate culture demands a kind of system shock — an effective implementation of new technology services that cultivate the vision, values, and characteristics of the organization.

Shock Value

Culture is often viewed as organizational opportunity — the chance for a company to act in concert based on shared understanding. Consider teamwork and morale. When employees embrace values and understand expectations, their earnest efforts will be met with appreciation from upper management. In turn employees are more efficient and effective. Projects are completed and with few interpersonal issues. 

Culture is always evolving, that is why it important to consider the uses of technology.  Simply tossing technology at the problem can add more issues and have the opposite effect when reshaping culture. For culture shock to be positive and productive, it’s critical for companies to adopt a two-factor approach that articulates the key norms and values.

Communication Is Key

To build a corporate culture that lasts, businesses must build on staff communication. This starts with multiplatform collaboration tools that make it straightforward for staff to connect and work at any time. By removing common collaboration barriers, it’s possible to facilitate effective interactions and reduce potential problems. Over time, this boosts motivation making employees feel confident they easily tackle big projects and that their contributions will be rewarded.

For an effective culture, corporate leaders must walk the walk. This starts with a vision: Delivering consistent messaging about what is expected, what’s appreciated and what’s next. For example, automated messaging tools are great way of shaping and supporting the company’s corporate culture.

Cultural Relevance

Strong culture cultivates trust, enhances communication, and improves workflow. Yet existing technology processes often frustrate the development of effective office culture. A System shock can help revitalize company culture by empowering employee collaboration, facilitating C-suite connections, and delivering technological strategy solutions. Be sure to check out the accompanying infographic below for ways on strengthening company culture via technology.

Infographic created by Halock Security Labs