Discover How To Protect Your Home From Burglars This Festive Season

With the festive season just around the corner, burglars tend to go on a rampage. The burglars usually target homes whose occupants are away on holiday. Some homeowners go to visit friends and family only to come back to ransacked homes. Sometimes they also attack homes that are inhabited. Read on to discover how to protect your home from burglars this festive season. 

Delegate your neighbors

It is very important to always have a good relationship with your neighbors. These are your first line of defense. Additionally, it is the neighbors who can spot anyone lurking on your property. When going away, ensure to let them know. You can even request them to walk around your property to pick mail, feed your pets, or open and close the shutters. 

Doing this lets bystanders know that there is someone home. While on your premises, the neighbors can easily notice any suspicious activity. Alternatively, you can let the local police know that you are gone on a holiday. When doing surveillance rounds, the police will take time to check on your home. 

Install an alarm system

You should invest in a secure alarm system in Bakersfield to protect your home from burglars. A home security system with an alarm allows monitoring your home 24/7. In case of any suspicious activity, the alarm can go off to thwart burglary attempts. 

Additionally, your security company will be notified when the alarm goes off to send armed guards to save the situation. You can back this up with a security camera system to record the culprits in action. This evidence will come in handy to pin the criminals in court. 

Reinforce your front door

The front door is the first line of protection from burglar attacks. You need a door with strong material and hinges. So, it is a good idea to invest in a burglarproof or armored door. This door will deter burglars and enhance the thermal insulation and acoustic of your place of abode. The door should have solid and thick material making it less vulnerable and difficult to open. Hinges on your door should be metal to allow swinging to open and shut. 

Anti-lift hinges limit attempts at lifting your door from the hinges. For hinge reinforcement, consider protectors that inhibit releasing the door when closed by limiting free play. Installing angle brackets on the door edge limit inserting crowbars and other metals to forcefully open the door. To limit space more between the door and the frame, threshold bars come in handy. These level differences between floor surface outside and inside the door. 

Secure your windows 

Now that you’ve secured your front door, the windows also need securing. Apart from keeping the shutters closed every time you’re away, consider investing in a burglar-proof glass. This type of glass never shatters into multiple pieces when hit. 

The burglar-proof glass comes with strong adhesive films to avoid splinters to make the glass withstand various blows. Apart from inhibiting burglars, this glass blocks ultraviolet rays and limits noise pollution to enhance thermal insulation. 

Upgrade your garage door

Another entrance that needs reinforcing is the garage door. This entry point is usually ignored and offers burglars little resistance. You should consider upgrading your garage door to limit access to your home, keep your valuable equipment safe, and protect your cars. When upgrading your garage door, have an anchor point installed to inhibit pulling out or lifting the door. 

Invest in a smart home

If you have the money, you should invest in a home automation system. This allows managing your home remotely on a tab or smartphone. You can open the shutters, turn on multimedia devices, start the watering system or turn the lights on or off. Doing this will make other people think you’re home. 

Apart from those conveniences, you can manage the security of your home from a distant location. The system will send you notifications in case something is wrong. Additionally, you can see whatever is happening in your home from the live footage captured by the surveillance cameras. So, you can activate the alarm or call the police to go and apprehend the culprits. 

Adequate insurance against theft

Lastly, you should get an insurance policy to cover theft, vandalism, and attempted burglary. Insurance will compensate you in case your home is attacked by burglars. So, it is not too late to contact a reputable insurance company to get a policy for your home. 

To have a joyful holiday season now is the time to plan. You have to take precautions since burglars are always on a rampage during this period. Investing in an alarm system and enhancing your front door, windows, and garage door are some good ideas to burglar-proof your home today.