Does Your Server Need a Dedicated GPU?

Does Your Server Need a Dedicated GPU?

Business servers are the heart of a company, providing a place for centralized information, storage, and safety of data. Some servers don’t automatically come with a GPU, so it’s important to understand the purpose of one and whether or not your business needs an upgraded GPU. Let’s discuss what a GPU is and how to know if your server needs a dedicated GPU.

What Is a GPU?

A GPU (graphics processing unit) is an electronic circuit used for creating the images on our devices. The GPU is necessary for creative applications such as gaming, video editing, and graphics. Most CPUs (central processing unit) come with an integrated GPU. However, upgraded servers or servers built with graphics in mind require a dedicated (or discreet) GPU. This is mounted to its own circuit board rather than integrated in the CPU, allowing its own memory to be separate from the CPU and a greater graphics output.

When a Dedicated GPU Is Necessary

A basic GPU is integrated into the CPU for rendering images. A dedicated GPU, as previously mentioned, is a separate circuit that’s attached to its own board rather than the central processing unit. There are pros and cons to the dedicated (also called discreet or video card) GPU. Here are the pros:

  • Separate memory from the rest of the computer
  • Improved graphics, perfect for high-end gaming
  • Improved video editing
  • Quick access to high-definition images

In addition, the dedicated GPU acts as an accelerator for the CPU, assisting it with processes and thereby speeding up processing time.

And a few cons:

  • Consumes a lot of power
  • Quickly drains the laptop battery
  • Generates a lot of heat, requiring multiple fans or liquid cooling
  • Expensive when compared to integrated GPU

It may be time to upgrade your server’s graphics processing unit if the pros outweigh the cons, especially for a business relying on efficient and high-definition graphics.

In conclusion, although the GPU may be integrated in your server, the integrated graphics processing unit isn’t as effective as a dedicated GPU. When determining how to know if your server needs a dedicated GPU, follow the lists of pros and cons and ask yourself how your graphics are performing. For improved production in your business, the dedicated GPU is well worth the cost and upgrade.