High-Paying Jobs In The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is known for its competitive salaries globally, with the average salary ranging from $40,900 to $197,000. Moreover, the average yearly pay includes transportation, housing, and additional benefits, making the industry one to consider for employment. Therefore, you can seek jobs in this sector if you desire an exciting and life-long learning experience. That said, here are some high-paying jobs in the aviation industry. 

  1. Air traffic controllers (ATCs)

Air traffic controllers serve as traffic advisers and guiding voices for pilots, making them instrumental to the aviation sector. They are responsible for issuing clearance for non-scheduled and scheduled flights, checking the paths for outgoing and incoming aircraft, and handling emergencies. While their priority is safety, they also ensure that they direct planes to reduce delayed flights. ATCs utilize radar, visual references, and computers to execute their duties efficiently. 

According to the National Bureau of Labour, ATCs can earn an average of $77,994 annually. Therefore, you can consider this if you wish to pursue a career in the aviation sector. You only need to acquire an associate or bachelor’s degree from an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) school and meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. You also need to complete an FAA training program and gain experience as a developmental controller. It’s also imperative to be certified by the FAA to embrace your career fully. 

  1. Aerospace engineers 

Another lucrative aviation job to consider is aerospace engineering. These professionals primarily design aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, and missiles. They are also responsible for designing and testing prototypes to ensure that they function as expected. Moreover, they can also design new technologies and identify malfunction sources and solutions. Therefore, you can join the aerospace engineers if you’re tech-savvy or love to build stuff. Furthermore, you can either specialize in aeronautical or astronautical engineering, depending on your preference. 

Aerospace engineers earn an average of $84 978 annually, making it a lucrative career. However, it’s essential to hold an engineering degree with a major in aerospace or aeronautical engineering. Although entry-level doesn’t demand licensure, you may need a Professional Engineer (PE) to pursue advanced programs. 

  1. Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians

This career includes replacing, repairing, and modifying aircraft components, power plants, airframes, and avionics equipment. They ensure that aircraft are airworthy and safe for use. They detect electrical or mechanical problems, repair faulty wings and brakes, and test aircraft parts to ensure proper functioning. Fortunately, this is a broad field with many career paths; therefore, feel free to choose your preferred option. 

Aircraft and avionics mechanics and technicians earn an average salary of $60 270, one of the high-payment jobs in the aviation industry. However, it requires aviation maintenance technician training from an approved institution to obtain a certification of completion. This certificate will also allow you to undergo the needed FAA tests. Moreover, you can receive on-the-job training to acquire the knowledge and skills required for your FAA exams. You can also consider this job if you wish to join the aviation sector.