How and Why You Should Use Google Ads For Your Business

Why do you see your favorite website filled with your biggest competitor’s ads? It’s probably because they are using Google Ads. Can you do that too? Of course!  

Google ads is an online advertising program initiated by Google. It allows you to create online advertisements to reach your target masses. It follow a pay-per-click structure. Plus, it is one of the most effective digital advertising methods. 

But how do you start with it? And once you do, will Google Ads really contribute hugely to your business’ growth? Keep reading to find out. 

How to Use Google Ads?

To start with Google Ads, follow the instructions below:

Create your Account

Go to the website and create a Google AdWords account. While creating your account, you need to know the answer to the following questions:

  • What is your goal? Do you wish to get more visits to your business or want to drive more traffic? Be clear about the goals while creating your Google AdWords account. 
  • Next, you must know about your targeted geographical regions. Limit your geography based on your products and services. This way, you won’t dive into a limitless sea of leads. 
  • What is your budget? 

Once you think of these answers, you can create your account within minutes. 

Plan your daily budget

The next step is to outline your daily Adwords expenditure. The simplest way to know your expenditure is to check the conversion rate. As per the reports of WordStream, the average conversion rate is 2.35 % for AdWords. So, you can plan your daily expenditure by keeping the average limit in your mind. 

Select the right keywords

Select the keywords that you think will help you rank on the top. You can select a maximum of 20 keywords for your Google ad but always try to choose keywords with maximum search volume. Add variety in your keywords to increase the chances of your visibility. 

Make the bid within your budget 

Google ad follows a pay-per-click structure. So you have to bid the amount that you desire to pay per click. The person with the highest bid will get the keyword. If you and your competitor bid for the same keyword, bid a bit more. However, don’t exhaust your budget in this process.

Create your Google Ad

Once you get your desired keyword, write your ad. Be as real and creative as you can. Your ad must be compelling enough to convince a user to visit your website. Always keep your ads short but crystal clear to gain maximum traffic on your website. When you are done with your writing, you can publish your ad by making the payment. 

Why Google Ads Help

Now, you know how to create Google Ads, let’s see why you need it. 

Google Ads will improve your customer base

Google ads help you focus on the audience that is searching for your products or services. So, if you want to reach your target audience, making use of Google Ads is imperative. It also continually refines the search result to ensure better visibility to your potential customers.

Helps you to get high ROI

By selecting the best strategies from Google ads, you can increase your ROI. The 3 major bidding strategies that Google Ads offers are CPC, CPM, CPA bidding strategies. CPC allows you to drive engagement to the site, CPM helps you build brand awareness, whereas CPA aids in conversions. The selection of the right strategy can take your ROI to the next level. 

Creates Brand awareness

Google ads are not only limited to driving traffic but also help you create long-lasting brand awareness. Brand awareness enables you to win the trust of your visitors. Once people start loving your brand, they will purchase your products or services without regularly seeing your ads. 


Google Ads is a complex system. You might not understand the bidding process or design a poor ad that doesn’t work. If you cannot master it, try to hire an agency that can offer Google Adwords services. Never miss out on this golden marketing method. 

If you have more suggestions on creating better Google Ads, comment them below for us!