How Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform

How Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform

We’ve all heard of the adage advising us to dress for the job we want and not the one we have. When you think about it, the clothes we wear do impact the way we feel, think, and do – probably much more than we realize. In fact, there’s a biological process that takes place every time we put on an outfit combination that we feel confident in.

A growing body of research suggests that suiting up makes you feel more powerful. Power dressing affects your performance at work in more ways than one, improving everything from your focus to abstract thinking to negotiating. If you’re interested in learning more about how clothes you wear actually change the way you perform and how you can take advantage of this phenomenon, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start.

Clothes in certain colors can make you feel incredibly powerful

Clothes in certain colors can make you feel incredibly powerful

A big part of our work performance is being psychologically prepared and having the right mindset. How successful we are at what we do heavily depends on how productive we feel, and this is where certain colors play a vital role.

Depending on the mindset that you want to build, choose your clothes in colors associated with what you’re looking to achieve. Details or pieces of clothing in the color red, for instance, are a great idea if you’re looking to boost your confidence and feel more powerful when attending a business meeting. According to several studies published in the Journal of Consumer Research, those who incorporated red details into their ensembles (shoes, bow ties, etc.) received higher ratings in terms of competence and status. Even though they broke the established roles just slightly, these small deviations were regarded as positive.

Casual and comfortable clothes helps you be more creative

Casual and comfortable clothes helps you be more creative

Just like colors, the style of the clothes we wear can also impact how we perceive ourselves. One study found that, even though wearing formal clothes in a business setting can prove to be effective in boosting our performance, formal clothing isn’t exactly the best choice in situations where we aim to socialize.

A good suit certainly has its benefits, but clothing that’s more in line with a casual dress code at work is a much better option on days when we want to let our creative side shine through. When dressed in business casuals, people tend to be more open, creative, relaxed, and friendlier, and they’re more inclined to dedicate more time to socialize with their colleagues.

A uniform can boost your focus and help you perform better

If your job involves wearing a uniform daily, this too could affect your work performance. This is because every uniform is associated with a certain role, and certain expectations come with that role. Research shows that people tend to focus better, act smarter, and make fewer mistakes when they wear uniforms and coats associated with particular professions.

According to an Australian blog, a uniform business attire could help create a professional mindset and boost workers’ productivity. If you’re from the Land Down Under, one way to take advantage of this is to look for quality womens workwear Australia that will help you look polished and professional. Professional attire will help you feel your most confident self and make you more conscious of your duties, thus positively affecting your overall performance.

Wearing your favorite clothes can boost your mood and cheer you up

There’s no doubt that our mental state largely impacts our clothing choices. But did you know that what you decide to wear can be a quick and effective way to boost your mood? One study found that wearing clothes that make you feel good can help you cope more easily with negative feelings such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Whether it’s a clothing item in a cheerful color, a brightly-hued accessory, or a tried-and-true outfit combination that always gets you compliments, this little change can go a long way in fixing a bad day and making you feel a bit happier. So the next time you’re feeling worried, stressed out, or a bit low on energy, reach for your mini pick-me-up, and you’ll notice the change right away.

Wrapping up

Our choice of clothing is so much more than most of us assume. It can affect the way we feel, think, and behave, influencing the way we perform at work and interact with other people. With these few tips in mind, you can start taking advantage of the immense impact clothes have on our psychological processes, and begin reaping a multitude of benefits that come with it.