How Private Proxies Work


Private proxy servers can be called the maximum degree of protection on the Internet available to the average user. And this protection is so powerful that it is simply impossible to break it. If you are wondering how it all works, you can get this information below. Today we will tell you how a private proxy server works. Note that you can find a proxy on the website.

The difference between private and public

A public proxy server does not create security, it just spoofs the IP address. To do this, all search queries are sent not immediately to Google, but to a proxy server. He duplicates them and creates a request from his IP address. And after receiving the data, the server simply relays it to the client’s computer. This is the perfect scam that allows you not to leave a digital footprint on the network, as well as allows you to enter prohibited sites (at the local level).

But a private proxy works a little differently. He creates a completely closed virtual hosting, to which only one computer has access. In this case, the data is encrypted using a clever cryptographic system, the decryption keys from which are only at the user’s computer. This makes it simply impossible for a third party to steal data or damage its integrity. After all, even if the information can be intercepted, it will look just like a set of incoherent code that cannot be decrypted without a special key.

Why do you need a private proxy

Many people think that a private proxy is better than a public one. In fact, they have completely different tasks. A private proxy is not about security, it’s just a way to bypass regional restrictions. A private proxy makes it possible to transfer data completely anonymously. In modern times, this is the best way to enter the darknet, or for the most secure transmission of very important information.

Therefore, not everyone will need a private proxy. But if you have your own business on the Internet or need to interact with the “dark side of the Internet”, there is nothing better than a private proxy server. In fact, this is the maximum level of protection for user data.