How to Avoid the Hassle of Finding Your Dream Job

We all want to do what we love and can do. But life is not always generous with such gifts: sometimes we may not get the job we dream of so much.

What could be more important than an interview in the company that you dream of working for? You have been waiting for this and tirelessly preparing for this event, compiling your resume with high quality, and preparing for all kinds of questions from the officials. You once again assessed your professional qualities with the stated requirements and were already sure that success awaits you.

You spoke in great detail about your achievements, qualities, work experience, dreams, and goals. But alas, you were refused.

It is necessary to consider such points as the employer’s requirement for the applicant, the reasons for informal refusal, and how to choose the right employer.

Ideal employee image

This is a candidate who meets the stated requirements for the vacancy, and also has the necessary personal qualities. The employer’s expectations directly depend on the established corporate culture in the company, values ​​, and philosophy, as well as the leader’s approaches. If you are interested in any particular field of activity, dream job and are confident in your strengths and professional qualities, you can visit

The values ​​of the company are a set of principles, norms, and traditions that affect the behavior of employees, their motivation, efficiency, and teamwork, that is, solidarity. Values ​​must always be communicated and supported by the first person, otherwise, it will only be a policy written on paper. It should be remembered that a good leader is one who not only leads his employees to the goal but also does enough work himself to achieve everything that the company says. The company’s values, which are held by the majority of employees, determine the profile of the candidate.

Reason for employer’s refusal

What are the requirements most often made by employers to the personal qualities of the applicant and why you can get a refusal. Typically, these qualities are selfishness, excessive leadership, lack or excess of teamwork, lack of motivation and denial of success, lack of confidence in oneself and the company, stress, lack of honesty, and irresponsibility.

Very often, when giving feedback to HR candidates, it is difficult to convey the reasons for refusal, since they lie in the plane of corporate values. A person who does not correspond to the values ​​of the organization will not be able to be a good employee, since his behavior initially does not correspond to the policy and expectations of the company.

You shouldn’t change your behaviors, even if the company is very attractive to you. Your behavior is something that you should not give up, most likely, you just need a new place of work that will perceive your behavior as a necessary link in the company. You should not try to be someone else, as it can eventually open up and bring enormous inconvenience not only to the company but also to you.

Finding an employer

For the correct decision and further actions, it is necessary to determine a list of tasks and activities that are interesting to you, from the performance of which you get pleasure, in which you are effective and useful, as well as tasks that you want to completely exclude since you do not get proper pleasure and happiness. Make a list of formal and informal requirements for the employer. Self-assessment wisely: highlight your strengths and growth areas. Summarize your achievements, experience. When considering a vacancy, identify the core values ​​of the company.