How To Deal With Technical Needs When You (And Your Business) Aren’t Technical


The whole world has exploded with technology and, though the internet is still pretty young in years, it has made a huge impact. For all of the traditional businesses that still exist, there is a strong argument that almost every business is a tech company in some way. Whether your only dalliance with tech is a patchy website or you have a sophisticated system, you can guarantee tech is in there somewhere.

The only problem with this is that not everyone can be technologically minded. You might be amazing at flower arranging or capable of cooking a 5* 10-course meal for 40 but the whole IT thing just isn’t for you. And this is fine.

There are plenty of ways for those of us living in a tech-infested world to join in without knowing how to code or even touch-type.


Outsource Your IT Needs

The first option open to you is probably the best: outsource. Outsourcing is the go-to for pretty much everything. You have a lawyer, you have an accountant, you can have an IT company too. Finding a company to outsource to is very easy. In fact, just typing managed services in Albuquerque into Google brings up 4,860,000 results so you’re almost guaranteed to find the company for you.

There are plenty of IT companies that are more than happy to tailor their services to your needs and you can haggle over price in the majority of cases too. However, do be careful to know exactly what you are looking for – don’t allow yourself to be oversold on services and don’t be stingy either. Remember these are the people who will answer a call in the middle of the night and help reboot your website.


Outsource to Developers

While an IT company can manage all your IT needs, you may choose to approach a developer to create systems for you or even to design your website. The more you can automate in business, the easier it is to make a profit. So, if you have a system in place that gives your employees back some time then you can ensure that everyone is more productive.

For example, let’s say you run an online florist and you need to be able to take orders quickly. You might decide to set up a system where your customers enter all their details, roughly how much they want to spend on a bouquet and which flowers they prefer. You might still want to call them to check on certain ideas but the bulk of the info you need is there.


Start Learning

While outsourcing is a quick fix, the best thing you can do is at least learn the tech lingo. Keeping up with the world right now means learning what SEO is or why your CRO could be better. The more you know, the more you can do (or outsource).

Tech isn’t going anywhere and as your competition moves up another level, you don’t want to fall too far behind. Catching up at this stage shouldn’t be too difficult but if you leave it much longer, you could have a significant expense on your hands.

If you want to learn more about simple SEO strategies you can use, the following YouTube video can help.  In it, Julian explains how he ranked #1 with Surfer SEO.

Video by SEO link builder Julian Goldie