How to Get Rid of Common Physical Pains You Might Suffer at Work

If you are someone whose job involves repetitive motion, squatting, bending down, lifting or just any type of activity that will put a strain on your muscles and joints. Therefore, if you are doing any of these activities on a daily basis you are no stranger to pain. Here is how you can get rid of common physical pains caused by working. 

Lower Back Pain

It doesn’t matter if it’s an ongoing pain or just an occasional stab here and there, having back pain will keep you from being your best self. One of the most common reasons why that happens is sitting down at a desk for a long period of time. That happens because in most cases the way you are sitting will strain your ligaments and muscles and cause your spine to go out of alignment. 

One of the best ways you can help yourself and make your back healthier less painful is by getting a chair that has good back support. Another thing that is really important is that your feet are dangling off the ground, they need to be firmly placed on the floor. If your feet can’t reach the floor make sure that you are using a footstool. Another way to get rid of your lower back pain is to work on your core strength. Having a stronger core will help you have better posture therefore; your back will hurt less. One of the most popular ways of ensuring your back is pain-free is by making small yoga breaks to stretch your back out. 

Wrist Strain

When you are spending most of your days at a keyboard you are likely experiencing some wrist pains after a while. Typing can cause some serious health issues if you aren’t doing it correctly. That is because when you are moving your mouse and typing you are moving different tendons that are located in your wrists back and forth so they often get inflamed. The best way to ensure that your tendons don’t get inflamed is to do stretches and make sure that you are using both your mouse and keyboard the right way. Make sure that when you are using them your wrists are floating naturally or simply get a wrist rest that will keep your wrists safe and intact. 

Neck and Shoulder Pain

The biggest problem with physical pains from work is that you won’t stop working when you feel it as well as we will usually try to heal it instead of preventing it. One of the most common ones is neck and shoulder pains. It can be caused by so many different things but the most common reasons are usually having your computer too far from the desk. Instead of just taking pain medication make sure that you are doing some stretches to relieve the pain. If your neck and shoulders aren’t better from aligning your screen and doing stretches regularly make sure that you visit a licensed physiotherapist. A professional will help you relieve the pain and give you pointers on how to prevent further injury. 

Eye Strain

We have all heard that you shouldn’t sit close to a screen for a long period of time, but when that is your job, you don’t really have that option. Even though it hasn’t been scientifically proven that it can make your eye bad, it can however cause eye strain. Always make sure that you are sitting not really close but not super far away from the screen. Another very important thing is that you take little breaks every 30 minutes and shift your focus to something that is located in the distance. That will allow your eyes to take a break from the screen and relax. Something that every person whose work involves looking at a screen should wear blue light glasses. 

If you are experiencing even the slightest discomfort during your work hours, don’t push it. Instead, consult with a medical professional and take it easy. It is much easier to work on preventing injuries than healing them while still working. Make yourself feel good when you are at work and take care of your body. 

My name is Grace Wilson. I’m a 27-year-old biotechnologist and kind of a bookish girl. Surfing the Internet is my favourite, that’s why I’ve turned into blogging. Following a healthy mindset and lifestyle is what I consider my life principle. If interested, follow my Twitter.