How to Host a Successful Online Coaching Event

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Because it is not possible to host in-personal coaching events right now, businesses are turning to online events. These events are a good option because they allow you to reach more people than would have attended an in-person event. They can also save you money, generate leads, and help you emerge as an industry leader. But how can you ensure the success of your online coaching event?

Understand Your Audience

Catering to your audience’s needs and sticking points should form the foundation of your event. It would, therefore, be best to start with understanding your audience before you plan anything. Know who will be attending, what challenges and problems they face, what their goals are and what they expect to get out of the event.

Plan for Mobile Visitors

A sizable chunk of your attendees will watch your event on their mobile phones. For this reason, it is important to ensure the platform you use to host your event is optimised for mobile attendees. Things like avenues for interaction on mobile devices or optimised video formats will go a long way.

Planning for mobile attendees also applies to the materials you use for your talk. Ensure the text is large enough, and there is not too much of it on each slide. 

Pick an Exciting, Engaging Topic

When planning online business events, you have to remember that content is king. Since your attendees want to learn something from you, try to pick a topic that fulfils this need. Try to stay away from boring, vague, and very broad topics. It is also important to try to narrow your topic as much as possible so people get better value from your event. A narrow topic also ensures the coaching event is not too long, which would bore people and make them log out.

Set a Realistic Timeline

If you want your event to be successful, give yourself enough time to prepare and to market the event. A good amount of time is 4-6 weeks, as that will ensure your event announcement reaches as many people as possible.

Create an Immersive All-Round Experience

It is important to create an immersive experience as it not only helps your visitors get value for their time; it also makes people much more likely to attend your next event. Starting with the landing page where people sign up and to the space for the event, everything should be designed to captivate the audience. Doing this also calls for efforts to make the event feel as much as an in-person event as possible.


Many people think that just because it is an online event, you do not have to monetise it. That is not quite right; you can still find ways to monetise your online event. Some non-intrusive ways to do this include a small fee for a personalised experience or small donations. If you can, try to follow up with everyone who donates or pays the small fee so you can communicate with them in the future.

Hosting an online coaching event is quite stressful, especially if you do not plan everything accordingly. But if you do, your event can be a fun way to engage people, get new customers and reach people from all over the world.

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