How to Improve Web Design With an Association Map

The visual appearance of a website or User Interface (UI) is a crucial component of every successful site on the Internet. Twenty years ago, users used the command line to operate computers and didn’t complain about the design of sites. These days, they spend less than three seconds considering if they want to explore a new website or close a tab. It’s impossible to check the offer or information on the site for three seconds. Therefore, their decisions are based on sites’ designs only.

Consequently, most website owners strive to create alluring designs that will catch the eye of new visitors and increase profits. Unfortunately, creating an attractive design is a process that cannot be controlled. Sometimes creators can spend hours trying to develop original and creative design ideas that will bring the required result. Striving to speed up the process of idea generation, professional designers always use the association map. It helps them develop a large array of design ideas that can catch the eye of users. 

Benefits of Using an Association Map

The mind map creation is similar to brainstorming. It helps come up with new ideas fast. However, unlike brainstorming, association mapping is a comprehensive technique that most designers utilize. It helps note all the ideas and correspondingly organize them. Moreover, it leads to meaningful idea development. For instance, brainstorming, a few people pitch any possible ideas that arise in their minds. The majority of ideas are completely useless so that people have to note them all and look for golden breadcrumbs in a bowl of mud when a brainstorming session is over.

However, the association mapping forces creatives to analyze every perk of a future design and build different correlations to the main idea. It helps create well-thought-out designs that look attractive and help present a product or service provided. For instance, by creating a mind map for websites that offer information security services, you can develop design ideas that imply the lock, fingerprint, encryption, etc. Even though the ideas are different, they all describe the main site’s topic.

How To Create an Association Map

There is nothing complicated in mapping. You can use a sheet with a pen, install a corresponding app, or find an online tool for creating mind maps. However, it’s recommended to start with the most traditional association mapping. Grab a sheet of paper and write the main word into the center. Usually, it’s the website’s name or primarily niche of a business

You need to surround the word with key elements that will describe your main word. For instance, if the primary word is 3D modeling, the association words of the first level would be the following:

  • video games;
  • 3D printing;
  • interior design;
  • films and animations; 
  • visual representation.

After this, you will be required to build associations for all the first-level words separately. Feel free to create 2nd, 3dr, and even 4th levels of associations. You shouldn’t always check if they match the main words. Having a large mind map developed, you will be required to analyze all the ideas and pick the best. 

How To Choose the Best Ideas

The process of picking a design idea from your mind map isn’t simple and effortless. Even if you have a great map, you should pick an idea for your web design. As usual, the creative ideas are presented by the 2nd level associations. Ideas from the next levels can be used for different designs. 

If you can hardly choose the best ones, don’t be shy about asking for assistance. However, it’s vital to consult with experts only. Students often type a request, “Who can do my homework?”According to the essayhub review, some companies present themselves as niche leaders but cheat people and deliver creepy papers. Always reach professionals who you know personally, requesting help with choosing the best design ideas. To make the right choice, allocate some time to check essay writing services review. They will always come in handy especially when you sing between reaching out to two or more academic helpers.

Best Tools for Association Map Creation

The bundle of a notebook and pen is the most reliable tool for creating a mind map. However, suppose you want to create an advanced map that can be easily shared with others and imply additional attachments. In that case, it’s recommended to start using digital solutions for association mapping.

One of the most popular tools for creating mind maps using a computer is XMind. This app has a lot of perks that can improve designs by helping people come up with new ideas, collaborate with other people, and make advanced notes. It has a very convenient-to-use interface, different themes, scalable layout, and supports pictures. Also, the app works on a large number of different devices, including smartphones.

In case you want to use an online tool that foresees the ability to collaborate with your team remotely, try Coogle. This one is a top-tier online platform that offers the ability to create complicated association maps easily. The cloud-based functionality helps users share their maps by sending a secret link. There is no need to install any apps. Also, the inbuilt functionality offers the opportunity to chat with other users and add comments.