How to Make a Cozy Study Corner to Have More Concentration?

Being concentrated nowadays is pretty challenging to attain since there are various distractors that reduce our attention and keep us away from the clear focus. Internet, mobile phones, games, social media networks, or noise are the main reasons why many of us find it very hard to focus on studying fully or any other task we have to deal with. For that reason, we decided to present you with the best ways on how to create a study corner that will keep your focus at the maximum level and finish your tasks faster.

Consider Your Living Space Limitations and Advantages and Choose the Right Spot 

Depending on the type of space you’re living your study corner will be placed accordingly. No matter if you’re still living in your parent’s house and your sleeping room serves as a study corner, or you live in an apartment alone, the secret of using both types of spaces is to make them multifunctional. 

The focal point of any study corner will be undeniably a desk, which should be placed near the windows so you can get an abundance of daylight that is proven by numerous studies positively affect the level of students concentration. Since the desk will be your study place, make sure to choose one that will be big enough to place all the necessary equipment on it, and also, be sure that you have additional storage places, like drawers or small cabinets under it. 

Don’t Forget to Place a Bookshelf Near the Desk. 

If the desk is the focal point of any study corner, then you will definitely surround it with numerous bookshelves and store all the books, studies, scientific journals, and will be close to you while you’re studying. This way, you will attain that all the materials you need are right next to you and that you don’t need to get to another room to get what you need. Another benefit of having your books arranged like this is you’ll always know where something is stored, and avoid unnecessarily, nerve-racking and time-consuming processes of going through the house searching for the paper you “know you put there”. 

Choosing a Comfortable Chair Is a Must-Do

Another must-do when creating your study corner is to choose a comfortable chair that will support your spine since you’ll spend hours and hours in it. Ergonomic, adjustable chairs will definitely be the best choice to reduce the side effects of long sitting. However, although we believe you’ll be fully dedicated to your studying, don’t forget to stand from your chair from time to time, since this could positively affect your productivity level as the recent study shows. 

Library-like or Minimalist Study Corner? 

The next step is to choose the style of your study corner, and whether you’ll create it in a library-like manner or you’ll go for a simple, minimalist style. Whatever you decide on, just make sure to choose one that inspires you to stay there for some longer period and study. Also, make sure to know that there are some general rules on how to keep your studying place in order, and here is what should you apply. 

Keep Your Desk in Order 

Although many people know how to deal with so-called creative chaos, if you want to stay away from any kind of distractors, make sure to keep your desk tidy. This means that nothing unless the materials you need for studying should not be placed on your desk. Make sure to have a few pencil boxes, a desk organizer for sticky notes, markers, and other materials, and always know where your stuff is. 

Put Your Calendar and Planner Nearby 

Having a clear timeline and knowing what your obligations are, is of tremendous importance to keep you up with your upcoming tasks and responsibilities. For that reason, make sure to place your calendar and planner nearby and always be up to date with your exam dates or other important events and deadlines. 

Make Your Do-to List be Always Visible 

The best strategy to boost your studying productivity is to have your to-do list placed nearby your desk, as the recent study shows. This way you’ll be able to update it regularly and track the progress of the tasks needed to be done. If you have a chance to put it right above your working desk, it would be a great solution to keep you always reminded of what is the next to do. 

Make Sure to Eliminate all Potnetal Distractors 

Having your phone on the desk with the sound on and notifications keep ringing all the time is not something that will help you study better, so make sure to keep it far away from your working area. All the notifications will be there once you take a phone, so there is no point in insisting on keeping your phone next to you. In some cases, even your PC can be the source of distractions since it provides an internet connection, so consider putting it away every time you don’t need it for studying. 

Studying Outside in the Daylight and Fresh Air Sounds Perfect, Right?

Having a study corner outside of your house is definitely something you should take advantage of if you have conditions to create it this way. Not only that your focus will be clearer, but you will also be exposed to the sun’s rays and fresh air instead of spending your time in closed areas. So, if you live in sunny areas with the potential an ocean view, like Sydney is, make sure to take advantage of this beneficial location and enjoy every moment of it. If you decide to create this outside studying area, placing pergolas when living in Sydney is the most secure way to have this comfortable, shady corner and boost your productivity to the maximum. 

Ready for Full Concentration and Successful Study Sessions? 

Now you know all the ways how creating a study corner can help you with attaining full concentration, we are sure you’ll be able to make some really outstanding results and finish all your studying tasks in record time. Just keep consistent, persistent, and make sure to provide all the conditions to study seamlessly, and good results will definitely come! 

Author bio:

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