How to Start a Cryptocurrency Business: Best Cryptocurrency App Case Study

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Blockchain technologies are evolving at an astonishing rate, creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs looking to begin a crypto business. The crypto space has grown tremendously over the past ten years, many investors and traders have made a fortune.

There are tons of promising opportunities for starting a business today, but the industry continues to expand with complex projects. I don’t mean projects with complex technical architecture, I’m talking about cryptocurrency tools that people use on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it seems that the creators of cryptocurrency apps are sure that it’s perfect in terms of UX\UI, features, and its overall business value when de facto the app is difficult to understand for a trader.

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Difficult doesn’t mean great

This problem became our place to begin on our GoodCrypto journey. We were faced with the task of solving UI/UX problems by creating the best cryptocurrency trading app for each trader.

Let’s imagine how a trader starts his day. The daily crypto routine consists of checking Coinmarketcap prices, reading news on several resources, then the trader enters the exchange, sells one or more assets, buys others, and logs into the app to track his portfolio.

But when your trading activity rises, you have a dramatic increase in the amount of time needed to manage your trading and portfolio. Multiple crypto wallets, dozens of exchange accounts, endless news feed … Stop it! 

Trader’s dream coming true

A wind of change blew from the cryptocurrency world side.

What did we have? A huge desire to create an iPhone, but in the cryptocurrency apps environment. We wanted any trader in any location with a smartphone to be able to know what’s happening along with his portfolio in real-time without having to enter each transaction manually. We wanted to provide a chance for everyone to buy or sell any cryptocurrency through a simple and intuitive interface. We wanted to put all the traditional functions in one place. So many “we wanted” were transformed into the plan. 

With such good intentions and a professional team, we managed to realize every trader’s dream – a single interface for sending orders to any exchange on which you have an account, automatic tracking of your portfolio and prices for all cryptocurrencies in real-time, as well as powerful analytics and many other goodies. We’ve canceled an infinite number of browser tabs with news sites, prices, and alerts.

GoodCrypto users can explore the details of any asset, get the latest market or coin-specific news, or set up customized price alerts with a few clicks. For example, you are sure that if Bitcoin hits $10 thousand it will continue to rise and want to establish a BTC position then. You can set up a price alert to that level and know instantly when Bitcoin reaches it. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to even set an automated sequence of orders (Stop Market, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop, etc.) that would ensure you purchase the asset at the right time and at the best price possible, as well as sell it out if something goes wrong. All of the orders will be executed automatically. In the future, we will also add a no-code trading strategy builder that will enable anyone to easily set up automated trading bots for any type of market opportunity. 

We believe this approach will appeal to both beginner and professional traders who are tired of many hours of crypto routine. GoodCrypto is all you would like for crypto trading in one app.

We have provided crypto traders with access to the innovative trading tools of the crypto market.

Who we are

It should be noted that GoodCrypto has been built by a team with over ten years of experience in developing algorithmic trading strategies and low-latency trading systems in traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets. The GoodCrypto platform relies on technologies utilized by leading high-frequency trading and market-making hedge funds. We’re sure that effective trading is the result of using convenient functionality and instant response to any market changes. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of our users, which you’ll find here.

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