Instagram Reels: Five Unique Content Ideas To Work Out

Instagram has created a new feature called Reels. Using Instagram reels, users can make short-term, engaging video content to their fans. If you are looking to work it out, here are the unique five content ideas to move up with. Take a pen and notepad, and be ready for some inspiration.


Keep noticing the challenges. These video contents always look different. If you read out the captions, many mention that the user completes a challenge. Sometimes they will post a dance video, a dare video content; sometimes, they upload an acting scene.

If you are eager about how these work out for businesses and brands, you expect the correct thing. Here are the multiple answers:

  • It helps the audience to get to your page. Challenges are the favorite part of the platform. Most of the people on Instagram like to make them, and many love to watch them. Don’t forget to mention hashtags so that your Instagram reels are easier to get.
  • It helps in showcasing your brand’s personality. Challenges are light-hearted and fun-filled content. It’s an excellent source for businesses who need to shine more than just promoting products on the platform.
  • It helps in engaging with your community. It brings your brand more approachable and relatable. 

Tip: Don’t forget to relate the challenge in a way to your brand or business. And also, don’t confuse your audience about your purpose or mission.


The simplest form of video content is storytimes. It involves the creator sitting in front of the camera and talking about something. It is more popular than any other format. 

Your audience loves to know about your brand or business and extremely you. And more users show interest in your brand if they get about it. 

You can grow your followers and even engagements through creating storytime series. Create multiple parts to your stunning story, making the people visit your Instagram profile or even follow you to get what will happen next. For this, you want to create the reel’s first part more interesting to increase Instagram reels views rapidly with high content reach among a vast audience on the platform. It pays the way to put your reel on Instagram’s explore page within a short time.

Text-Over Video Content

Utilize the text feature, whatever the video content is. Here, texts are more important than anything. Your footage can be anything; you can film a person, animal, object, or anything else. You want to use some music to grab your audience’s feel from your reels. 

Create short video contents to gain more engagement. Based on the long texts you make, the audience re-watches it to read all the content.

Jump Cuts

It’s one of the video formats especially suitable for small businesses to show off their product. It’s a video of a content piece that shares the similarities with one significant difference before its similarities.

You can show before and after video sequences to help out your business. For example, if you offer a tool that makes life easier, create video content with a person before using your tool and after using your tool. Audiences instantly get your product if they like your tool.


Lip-syncing is a type of video content in which a person moves their lips silently to the sound, assuming that they are speaking or singing. It’s accessible video content to create, choose an audio sound, memorize it and act according to it.

People like lip-syncing. Everyone goes crazy on, which is a popular network to lip-sync. These hypes nowadays transformed into reels.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you get to know how to utilize these content types to develop your business – a big congratulations! It is more fun to create reels on Instagram, and you are likely to get success on Instagram reels.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.