Interesting Corporate Event Ideas Your Teams Will Love

Strong branding, impressive agendas, and incredible speakers are all integral parts of a successful corporate event, but there is one aspect many businesses tend to forget: making the event enjoyable and entertaining. Even though fun doesn’t necessarily sound like a priority, the most engaging and enticing events are also the most memorable and triumphant ones. So, here are some interesting corporate event ideas both your clients and your employees will love, that will help you achieve success:

Classic escape rooms

While escape rooms might be among the most popular team-building activities, their constantly evolving nature can still make them a fun and immersive experience for your teams. When it comes to corporate events with specific themes or unique goals such as promoting new products and services, you could also create your escape room and tailor it to the overall theme of the event. Not only will this present an interactive opportunity for guests to mingle, bond, and have fun, but it can also be an ideal branding solution and further promote your products.

Virtual reality options

Another great way to immerse your attendees completely and keep them entertained is to include virtual reality in your corporate event. For instance, you could use this technology for promos, interesting training sessions, or even “hands-on” experiences that allow your guests to get more familiar with any products or services you might be planning to release, but aren’t yet offering. Similarly, augmented reality can also be a wonderful solution, from training simulations to scavenger hunts, and even events that include unique applications and presentations.

Puppy playpens

If you’re looking for ways to provide a calming, relaxing, and stress-relieving activity for your teams, lovable dogs might be the perfect solution. It’s a well-known fact that spending time with pets is quite beneficial for our overall health and well-being, but it could also allow us to be more open and social at events, even helping to improve attendee engagement. To that end, you might want to consider teaming up with a local animal shelter and including an adorable puppy playpen at your corporate event. Apart from making your guests feel happier and more engaged, you might even help to give some puppies a new home.

Drink tasting events

For a corporate event that is certain to entertain and amaze, think about hosting a drink tasting experience. Whether you provide small samples for tasting, allow your guests to mix up their drinks, or even hire a professional mixologist for an interesting cocktail show, such an event is bound to be popular among your audience. In case you’re holding the event in the office or during working hours, even delicious non-alcoholic spirits can be a wonderful solution. Being rich in flavor and offering a wide array of different spirit options, these non-alcoholic drinks will deliver the same desirable aromas while being a healthier alternative as well.

Cooking classes

On the other hand, cooking classes could also turn out to be quite an interesting corporate event idea. Whether you decide to hire a chef and have a cooking class in the office or even book a private cooking class in a different location, bonding over food is a great way to learn some new skills and bring teams closer together. What’s more, cooking classes might end up being quite effective team-building exercises as well, since they tend to inspire creativity and innovation, while also being incredibly fun and entertaining.

Live band karaoke

Even though karaoke might already be a popular corporate event activity, combining it with a live band could bring a unique twist to this experience. This form of entertainment will allow your guests to have a more interesting and distinct experience on the stage, acting as true rockstars as their colleagues cheer them on, thus being a brilliant way to unwind and have some fun. If your teams are avid singers and performers, live band karaoke will be a wonderful idea for your event.

Interesting contests

From trivia nights and scavenger hunts to relay races and photo contests, a bit of friendly competition is bound to enliven any corporate event. Scavenger hunts in the city are always a great option, especially when combined with new technologies. For instance, you could use a mix of street teams, street signs, and social media geofilters for finding new locations and unlocking new prizes, allowing your teams to work together to achieve a common goal or even learn more about your new promo. Just make sure there is a worthy prize for the winners at the end, to ensure engagement and enticement.

Hopefully, the corporate event ideas mentioned above will give you some inspiration for planning your next event. No matter what you choose, keep in mind what your audience wants and find ways to effortlessly tie it back to your brand, to achieve success.