Tax Reduction Strategies: Why You Should Hire a Tax Reducer Planner

Tax control and minimisation

When doing your tax planning and figuring out your tax liability, you want to be in the know and up-to-date with the best tax reduction strategies. Why? Well, to save money, of course. So, what’s the best way to optimize all the tax reduction strategies for a small business available to you? Consult a tax reduction company or specialist. 

Today we will tell you why you should hire a tax reducer planner instead of trying to wing it on your own.

What Is Tax Liability?

Simply put – it’s the money you owe to the government. That money comes in the form of tax you pay each time you do your taxes. Your tax liability is made up of all the years (you haven’t paid tax for) and all the different types of taxes you need to pay.

Can You DIY Your Tax Reduction Strategies?

Yes, you can. If you are good with finance, math, and law, you can DIY your tax and your tax reduction strategies without using reduction services. But, you should be careful and know the business and personal tax reduction strategies that will get you audited.

What Are the Tax Reduction Strategies Which Will Get You Audited?

Everyone dreads IRS audits, and for good reason. Here are the most common reasons why people get audited so you can avoid it.

  • Math mistakes – These are some of the most common reasons people get called for an audit by the IRS so watch your math!
  • Too many charitable deductions – Don’t overdo it or falsify charities!
  • Too many business expenses – This is another red flag, so keep it real!
  • Typos and/or discrepancies – Be extra careful and make sure everything is on point.
  • Not reporting foreign bank accounts – Uncle Sam wants to know all your bank accounts, so file that FinCEN Form 114 if you have more than 10K in a foreign bank account.

Why You Should Hire a Tax Reducer Planner

Here are the key reasons why you should hire tax reduction consultants, whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a top enterprise.

You’ve Been Audited Before or Made Mistakes

The first thing that should get you thinking you need to hire a professional is if you’ve been audited before or you’ve had some mistakes. Tax, law, math, finance – all of that is complicated for us mere mortals but professionals have it all down to a T. 

They’ll make sure mistakes and audits don’t happen, and if you still get audited, you’ll have professionals on your side to make sure everything goes well.

You Want to Save Time and Money

Do you have better things to do than comb through new laws and your taxes? Of course, you do. The IRS estimates that it takes an average American about 25 hours to complete a tax return. That number increases as your properties and earnings increase as you’ll have more files to file and things to report. 

If you’re a high earner and decided to do your taxes, you could waste around $2,500 of your own time and money doing so. And, however good you are, you’re not a pro, so you still won’t be safely maximizing your deductions. So, hiring a tax professional would save you time and money.

You Have Foreign Accounts or Rental Properties

If you have more than one job, more properties, foreign accounts, or your earnings have grown significantly – it’s time to bring in the pros. High earners and people with more properties get audited more frequently. Rarely will the IRS call someone who earns less than $200,000 for an audit. So, if you earn more, have multiple companies, accounts, or properties, you’ll want to make sure everything’s done right, you’re maximizing your deductions, and you have someone by your side in case of an audit.