Should You Leave Your Comfortable Job?

There is nothing better than having a job you love. Having cash is nice, but having employment that is going to make you feel fulfilled every single day is the way to a happy life. The lack of stress means that you can truly be happy in what you do and you know that every single day is going to be a good thing. When you’re comfortable in the job that you have and the role that you are doing, combined with a nice salary, you’re in a position you never want to leave.


Except that sometimes, you need to.


Being in a role you love is not the same as being in a company that you love. When you work with good people, it makes your job something to look forward to. The fun, the social aspect and simply working somewhere that you feel relaxed is an achievement. However, what if you absolutely love the job you’re doing, but the company itself is not a good place to work? What if the people on your team aren’t nice to you and you spend most of your time alone? Well, that all makes for a miserable working environment. While this is sad, it’s even sadder that you’d have to consider leaving a comfortable job to be able to feel happy again.



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Understanding your rights at work is so important. You need to know how people are allowed to treat you in a working environment, and there are things that you’ll learn about yourself when you quit a comfortable job that is paying the bills. Here are some of the things that you should think about before you call time on the job you love – simply because of the people;


Everyone Will Judge. No matter who in your life you tell, they will have an opinion on the way that you left your well-paid, secure job for something else. It’s nice to listen to all those opinions, but in the end the only thing that really matters – yes, even over salary – is your happiness. Don’t live your life by other people’s opinions: it really doesn’t matter.


Job Security Isn’t Real. Your comfortable job may feel very secure, so you may be shocked to hear that job security isn’t real. To a business, you are expendable. There will always be someone else who can slide into your position and do your job. It’s one of the biggest reasons you should choose your job based on what you want, not what others think of you. You can land on your feet ANYWHERE if you’re good at what you do.


You Need Job Satisfaction. You spend most of your week slogging it out behind a desk or in a trade to get your salary and benefits. You should, firstly, be able to enjoy what you do, and secondly, feel happy in the workplace. If you’re not getting that job satisfaction because of the actions of those around you, then what’s the point in going to that particular workplace?


Do what’s right for you, even if that means leaving the cozy job you know inside out.

Elita Torres

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