People Don’t Decide Their Futures, But This Does #5MinMotivation

What do you want from your future?  When you picture yourself ten years from now, where do you see yourself?  For many, this vision is clear.  People usually don’t have a problem deciding what they want from their future.  Unfortunately, people don’t decide their futures.  It is not enough to just know what you want.


People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures. — F. Matthias Alexander


When I started my first full-time job, my original intention was for it to just be a means to pay for University.  I was a commissioned salesperson for an Electronics store, Future Shop.  One day, I realized that I had a strong passion for what I was doing.  I was particularly interested in helping to train people to become better at what they do.  I decided I wanted to become a Manager.


It wasn’t enough to want it.  I worked hard every day to make it happen.  I read books, got a mentor and was constantly working on developing my leadership skills to help me get the position.


The first time a chance came up for a promotion, I did not get it.  I was discouraged but didn’t let that stop me.  I asked for feedback on what I needed to improve and got to work.


Next time another opportunity came up, I wrote and presented a succession plan.  A list of my achievements as well as my opportunities and the actions I would take to succeed if given the chance.


They gave me that chance.


I often refer back to that time where I had such a hunger and wouldn’t let anything stand in my way.  How I went about creating the habits I needed to get me to where I wanted to go.  How I fell often but got back up right away.


It’s not always that easy, but it helps to remember that young adult driven towards her goal.


Do you want to create a better life? Do you think about what it will take to create it? You can want and think, but nothing will happen until you start doing something about it!


It is easy to get distracted by the activities of daily living.  We may start with a clear vision of what we want in the future, but, somewhere along the line, we develop the wrong habits.  Habits fueled by becoming comfortable with what is easy.  We fall into routines that become habits and habits are hard to break.


Think about the ways you spend your time on a regular basis.  Are you using your time investing in areas that are most important?  On activities and actions that will get you closer to that vision of the future that you hold clear in your mind.


Or, do you sit and watch TV most evenings?  Spend hours on social media, just surfing?


The habits you build today will determine the path you take tomorrow.  Habits can be changed.  Replace your bad habits with good habits and watch how much closer you get.


What habits will you start working on changing that only drive you further away from your dreams?


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Elita Torres

I have over 20 years experience as a leader, first as a General Manager for several Big Box retailers with over 100 employees, then as a district manager overseeing an average of 23 stores. Currently, I am a Sales Director overseeing 4 Districts. My passion for leadership and personal development has led me to share my journey in a Blog. Find out more on