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There are many words for it; Self-Improvement, Personal Development, Personal Growth.  No matter what you may call it, the desire for it is universal.  That is why this time of year, so many of us make New Year’s resolutions.  It is the start of a New Year, a chance to strive for those goals you know you want and deserve.

So many set these goals but yet, so many quit.  In fact, statistics have shown that 92% of people who have started on a resolution failed.

75% maintained their resolution through the first week

71% made it past two weeks

64% past one month

46% past six months


Why do so many people fail?  There have been several studies on why the majority of people don’t succeed at goal setting.  What can you do to increase your chances of success?  First, realize that goal setting and resolutions are a year-long process.  Are you in the habit of making resolutions or setting goals, only to get discouraged and stop, or worse forget you even made them?  Then you need to change your habits, shift your mindset and create systems and processes that can help you.

That is where Personal Development comes in.  Merriam Webster defines development as, “the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced”.  With Personal Development, we are aiming to improve oneself by acquiring or enhancing skills.

How can you accomplish this?  The same way you would a technical or physical skill, through practice and training.

This is one of the main aims of this Blog.  It is a Blog on Leadership but even more important, it starts with Personal Development.  Before you can Inspire and Teach others, you need to Inspire, Motivate and Teach yourself.

Some of the Posts and projects that I am currently working on that will be covered throughout the year are:


Blog Posts:

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Goal Setting Series and Book

Personal Habits to Adopt For Success Series and Book



Launch Date and Name to be Announced in the New Year.  This will be a PodCast about the Power of Being You.  I discuss how I used to think that being an Introvert was a weakness and now see it as a blessing.  I also answer some of the most asked Questions on Personal Development, Time Management, Goal Setting, Leadership, Motivational Strategies and more.

Do you see any topic that is not here but you would like covered?  Feel free to contact me through my email address info(at), or leave it in the comments below.  With your questions, we can have a great year filled with inspirational tips and strategies.

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