Seven Marketing Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness is crucial, especially to new businesses nowadays. It is the very first objective of every marketing campaign and it is how consumers get to know you.

When a consumer is aware of your brand, they would be able to recognize and differentiate your products in the market.  Brand awareness gives your brand a unique characteristic or personality, which in turn makes you stand out from your competitors.

So with that in mind, we have listed a few marketing strategies to help you establish better awareness for your brand.

Boost your search rankings

As more and more businesses are starting to move online, building an online presence and having a better search ranking would surely help you at the onset of your business.

Most startups and new businesses nowadays understand and utilize the benefit of search engine optimization (SEO). By simply improving your search rankings, consumers can easily find your website.  At the same time, it would also help drive more traffic to your website which in turn would allow you to gain more leads for your business.

Besides, since customers usually search for your brand online before buying any products from you, it would essentially make you look more credible to potential customers.

Be active on social media

One of the most used platforms by marketers today is social media. By simply having an account and being active on social media, you can easily monitor the latest trends as well as see what your customers are saying about your brand.

Given that you can easily post and share content on different social media platforms in real-time, you can also use it as a way to connect and engage more with your customers.

For instance, you can build hype on your new product by simply posting videos and content on your social media account. Since most of your targeted customers are probably on social media as well, you can easily share your content and have a better and wider reach. In addition, the engagement will help you know what people think of you and your business. 

So rather than just simply posting content on your website, you should also improve the contents in your social media accounts as well.

Run targeted ads

Today, there are now 3.5 billion social media users around the world or about 45% of the population now has an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

With that high volume of users, it seems like a missed opportunity if you do not run your brand-building campaign on these platforms.

One of the best approaches that you can do is to run targeted ads. Given the high volume of users, you cannot necessarily expect everyone to be your target market. But through targeted ads, you would be able to share your latest post and updates to only a specific market or niche.

Targeted ads can help you amplify your brand’s message as well as reach a new market that you have not been able to explore before.

Get reviews and recommendations

Reviews and recommendations are one of the pillars that provide a strong foundation to your brand. Reviews influence your customer’s purchasing decision and recommendations introduce your brand to potential customers.

Consumers would be more trusting of your brand if it is reviewed and recommended by other people outside your business. Since you cannot always persuade consumers to buy your products, having other people recommend it would surely make you look more credible.

Just by simply enabling the review or comment section in your website or social media accounts, you are essentially allowing customers to review and recommend your products.

Hold an event

A more traditional but still relevant approach in brand-building is holding events for your products. Apart from the usual event where you gather several people in one place, hire a few trade show models to promote your brand, and have several guest speakers, there are now other types of events that you can do for your brand-building campaign.

For example, deals, promotions, and even webinars can be effective and less costly brand-building events.  These types of events would help you garner a lot of attention for your brand, and at the same time, you can do all of these online.

Given the current pandemic situation, holding events online might be the safest way to promote your brand and connect with customers nowadays.

Product placements

Embedded marketing or product placements are a subtle way to promote your brand. Given the ever-changing nature of the market, product placement has also reached several outlets and platforms aside from the mainstream media.

Back in the day, product placements were only limited to TV shows, movies, and commercials. But now, it can also be a great digital marketing strategy.

You can partner with a social media influencer, have your products shown in digital shorts, and so on. All of which would surely help start and stir the conversation about your brand. It can increase your brand visibility and consumers would be more drawn to your products if they saw it being used by other people.

Native advertising

This marketing strategy would allow you to reach a new market as well as help build credibility for your brand.

You may have noticed that once in a while, websites and news outlets like Forbes, Vanity Fair, and even the New York Times publish reviews about a specific brand. And when publications like these posted something about a brand, consumers become more trusting and more inclined to buy from that specific brand since they saw it in the “news.” 

Native advertising affects the way consumers perceive your brand. It is much preferred by marketers than banner advertisements. As compared to banner ads, users are more likely to read through native ads and they are more likely to ignore banner ads.

All in all, these marketing strategies would help you gain more awareness for your brand.