Should I Hire a Private Investigator for my Business? 

Running a business is no easy task, you have so many duties and tasks to do that it can be easy for staff members and colleagues to take advantage of you without you even knowing. You don’t have time to chase up every staff member that you suspect of possibly breaching their contract or conducting business in a less than satisfactory way. With the help of a private investigator, you can have an expert take care of those worries for you. 

We spoke with David Kearns, a former police investigator who now runs Expert Investigations, about how private investigators can help businesses. Kearns is an expert at looking into dishonest employees, and he has a range of services dedicated to helping businesses find out internal issues that might be causing serious problems. 

Kearns mentioned a specific case they worked on at Expert Investigations where they had to investigate two recent construction employees to find out if they had left their employment to start their own business, something their contract stated against. The employer was suspicious of their behavior but did not have the time nor the resources to explore the case themselves; however, Kearns and his team were able to carry out a professional investigation that revealed the suspicions to be true.

Through surveillance and computer examination, his team discovered that the two employees were working together to start a company without notifying their original employer. 

What would have happened if the case was not investigated? 

If this case was left alone, and if Kearns was never asked to investigate it, then those two employees could have lost their original employer huge amounts of business. With the inside information of their original business, they could have leveraged customers and business away from their old employer towards their start-up. Ultimately, this was fundamentally going against what their contract had stipulated, but the company needed proof and that is what a private detective like Kearns can deliver.

As we mentioned, running a business is not easy, and knowing what services you have available to you, such as private detectives, can help you lighten your workload and feel assured that everything is running as it should. 

What Services Do Private Investigators Offer to Businesses? 

A key service that many private investigators offer is providing undercover staff. This is where they place an investigator into the desired workplace to get intel about the company and its staff from the inside.

The reality is that the presence of the boss can often encourage staff to behave differently, but an undercover staff member can see exactly what is going on. 

Beyond that, investigators can carry out surveillance, just like Kearns and his team did in the previously mentioned case, and they can also run checks on computers or other media devices to find out valuable information. 

The reality is that if you have a piece of information that you need to know about your employees, then private investigators can find that out. Knowing if your staff is taking advantage of you and your business is essential and can save you a lot of money!