Should I start a side hustle?

This is the question that a large majority of millennials and recent college graduates are asking. A side hustle is an additional job that is less demanding than your day job. Side gigs can provide creative flexibility and some wiggle-room in your wallet.


The options for side hustles are limitless. Your only constraint is how much time you’re willing to devote. However, these jobs are often hobbies or relatively easy and enjoyable activities that earn cash! Siphoning some time seems like a small price to pay.


Not only will you have fun and make money, but you will learn skills that can help you in your career. For example, many side hustles can help you fine-tune your management skills. Showing your success to your current employer may result in that promotion you’ve been wanting.


Though there are many benefits to side hustles, student loans are the driving factors behind them. Millennials are most likely to take up a side gig to help pay off their shackling debt. As college degrees become more and more common, it’s increasingly difficult to land a high-paying full-time job straight out of college.


Side hustles help to make up for the disparity in income as new grads struggle to make ends meet; they can earn up to an additional $8k per year.


Whether you just graduated college and want some extra green or decided to finally pursue your creative passion, side hustling is for you. Our friends at Self Lender have provided 51 side hustle ideas to get you started.


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