Taking a Break Will Increase Your Productivity – How Taking Care of Your Car is Similar to Taking Care of Yourself


This week was one of those extremely busy weeks.  In fact, the last few weeks have been similar.  We are talking about 12-14 hour days, 5 days a week and that is just my job as a District Manager.  Add two kids, ages 11 and 7 and a blog, my weeks have been full.  Last Friday, when I was done my work week,  my brain just wanted to shut down.  It needed a break.  The problem was, I still had so much to do.  Friday nights are when I tend to work on my posts.  So, I had a decision to make.  Keep going and commit to the schedule I had put in place, or stop.

Have you ever been in this situation?  If so, what was your next move?  Did you keep pressing on despite the fatigue or did you take a moment to rest?

Growing up, after paying the bills and taking care of their 6 children, my parents did not have any extra money left.  So my father drove his cars to the ground until there was nothing left to give.  His cars were badly maintained and only emergencies were taken care of.  He preferred using the money on taking care of his family.  The thing is, my father’s cars were always breaking down.  Since there was no preventative care, the car had a lot of urgent care.


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Staying productive and looking after yourself is very similar to maintaining and looking after your car.


Here are 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity and Take Care of Your Car


1. Oil Changes –  Engine oil is the vital component in your car.

For your body, your engine oil is water.  Our bodies are composed of about 60% water.  The advantages of recharging this fluid are many.  Research has shown that a glass of water could help you concentrate and stay refreshed and alert.


2.  Servicing Your Car – Regular care and maintenance is an important preventative care for your car.  Follow the suggested maintenance menu of your retailer.

What are you doing to maintain your mind and body?  Exercising gets your endorphins going, resulting in increased productivity and energy levels.  Working out can increase your mental clarity for four to ten hours post-exercise.  Today, there are several 25 – 30 minute routines that you can find if lack of time is an obstacle.  Or, go for a brisk walk while listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook.  This will energize your mind and body.


3.  Incorrect Tire Pressures – Cause additional heat to build resulting in the car having to work hard and reducing your fuel economy.

When you are experiencing brain fog from mental exertion, no matter how hard you try, your productivity levels will decrease.  A simple 30 min break to recharge can significantly increase your mental clarity and focus.  Did you ever have a problem you couldn’t solve only to look at the same problem the next day and finally find the answer?  That is because you allowed your mind to rest and fill your energy back up.


4.  Driving Hard On a Cold Engine – Your engine is most at risk from damage when cold, so putting undue stress on it by revving will exponentially increase the damage.

No matter what day you have planned, before you get going, eat a proper meal.  Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.  It is a habit worth starting.


5.  Revving Too High – The red line indicates the maximum permissible engine speed.  At this point the engine is under enormous stress and the components are moving at their fastest speed.  Prolonging the high rpm will damage your car.

Are you in constant rev?  Are you in “Go mode” all day?  We all have an internal red line that we need to respect if we want to keep going.  Find a way to transition between your busy day so you can live more productively in the moment.  Take a walk, stretch or do something to unwind.


If you are thinking that you don’t have any time to do any of the above 5 steps, my challenge to you is that you don’t have time not to.  You can choose preventative maintenance or emergency care.

Whatever works for you, do it.  That could mean doing exercise, reading a book or taking a walk.  Need some motivation to get you to stop?  I have created a PDF with 15 Quotes that will get you thinking differently on staying in “Go Mode”. Click Here to Download  or click on the picture below.


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