Taking Care of Your Water Heaters

A water heater commonly lasts for about 8 and 12 years. It only happens if you maintain your water heater very well. Homeowners sometimes take for granted their water heater. The water heater works for you, providing the hot water that you need. Take care of your water heater by giving it regular maintenance, so it will keep functioning for 12 years and beyond.

As the tank pumps the water, the water tank accumulates sediment, dirt, and different minerals settling on its bottom. Depending on the quality of the water, these additional elements can add up instead of quickly robbing the efficiency of the water heater. Having your water heater repairs will cost you a fortune in the long run. If you leave your water heater unchecked, it cannot only make your water heater function harder but also enable your tank to corrode. The rust will slowly eat the tank until you need a water heater replacement of the whole unit that is highly costly, yet you can prevent it.

You can perform Do-It-Yourself water heater maintenance if you have the right equipment available in your house- a cheaper way to prevent water heater issues. Yet, calling a professional plumber at Lex’s  Plumbing to maintain your water heater is way better. So if you need our water heater services, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Enhance the efficiency of your water heater and lower your utility bills by learning how to improve it. Follow the tips that may help you have a longer life water heater and reduce water heater damage.

Here is what you must do:

  • Set the thermostat to 120 degrees. You can conserve up to 5% in energy costs for every 10 degrees once you lower the temperature, and you will minimize the risk of fire.
  • Yearly test the temperature-pressure relief (TPR) valve. 

Shut off the col-water and power supply valve. Put a container to catch water from the pressure relief valve. Elevate the tab to allow some water out. If there is no water coming out or leaking, it means it is no longer working well, and you need a replacement. 

  • Inspect the Anode Rod. Check the anode rod every three years by unfastening the hex head screw and removing it. Change the rod if:
    • The rod is less than 1/2 inch thick.
    • you observe that the core of the steel wire is exposed and it is more than 6 inches 
    • The rod is already coated with calcium.
  • Drain the Tank and Flash out Sediment. At least once a year, drain the remaining water in the tank into the container, then stir up the debris on the tank’s base by shortly opening the cold-water supply valve. Drain and do it again until you see clear water coming out of the hose. Once that is completed, close the drain cock, refill the tank, and turn its power back on, and return the thermostat to your wanted setting.
  • Cover the Pipes and Heater. Protect older units with a fiberglass jacket to enhance efficiency, be cautious to avoid contact with the flu. Also, protect the hot and cold-water pipes.
  • Perform a Yearly Water Heater Inspection. Start with the top of your water heater and examine for any leaks or heavy corrosion on the pipes and valves. For gas water heaters, check the draft hood and assure that it is set accurately, with a few inches of air space within the tank and where it connects to the vent. Seek for any corrosion. If you saw any black residue, soot, or charred metal, this is an indication you may be having a fire, or if you ever smell gas, reach a professional as soon as possible.

Upkeeping Your Water Heater 

It may not be fun to upkeep your water heater, but it can save you a lot of money. You must do the things mentioned above to enjoy the efficiency of your water heater. Also, it improves and extends the lifespan of your water heater. Look after your water heater today, do not take it for granted, for it gives you hot water in the cold months. Or else, you will see yourself spending a lot of money on replacement. So before it happens, call us for water heater maintenance. 

With our professional plumbers, we make sure to offer you the best plumbing services. On top of our list, satisfaction from our clients is our priority! We make sure to provide them the quality plumbing services that they deserve. We will never let you down with cold water in the winter. Let us manage any plumbing issues you may have at home. Give Lex’s Plumbing a call today! 

In conclusion, the life expectancy of your water heater depends on you. It will last longer if you take care of it well and maintain it regularly. Also, it is essential to hire a professional plumber to inspect your water now and then. They have the proper tools and devices to use in examining your water heater. Moreover, do-it-yourself repair may be helpful if you have the equipment and expertise. Yet, if you do not have it, let the expert handle the job. At the end of the day, you do want to spend a day without a water heater.