The Frozen Middle: The Plight of Middle Management

Day-to-day middle management responsibilities vary from company to company but at the core, their role involves carrying out direction from upper management and managing junior and associate-level employees. In this position, effective internal communication is integral to company-wide progress. If internal communication stops in middle management, progress can come to a halt, causing an organization issue called the frozen middle.

The frozen middle is a nickname that refers to middle managers who are unmotivated and ineffective in their position. While this stereotype does exist in the world, for many companies, a frozen middle is not a personnel issue, but rather an internal communication error.

If you are in middle management and are recognizing the symptoms of the frozen middle, use this visual from JobHero to absorb some creative ways to fix this internal communication challenge. Some of these changes could be as simple as identifying communication gaps or opening new opportunities for feedback. After you isolate your internal communication issues, work to keep upward and downward feedback flowing so that the middle doesn’t freeze and your company can progress.

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