Tips On How To Find The Best Candidates For Any Role


Now more than ever, when your business has new job vacancies, it can feel impossible to identify and attract the best candidates. During the height of the pandemic, a record number of people became unemployed, leaving the UK in an unemployment crisis. With all the extra people vying for the perfect job, finding people suitable for your business has become more challenging.

So how can you find the right person for your company? With our helpful tips below, we’ll have you that much closer to the perfect person in no time.

Candidate Sourcing Through Recruitment Companies

Statistically more likely to attract the best job-seekers on the market when you use a recruitment company. People who are actively looking for new positions often register with multiple agencies to increase their chances of finding the right employer. 

Recruitment companies understand what it takes to have a job advert rank highly in a candidate’s job search. Often when your requirements are specific, it takes an expert who understands your niche and has a database of candidates to call upon to find the right person. For example, when looking for engineering teams in Watford, you would turn to a recruitment company with expertise in not only the industry but Watford itself, such as Perfect Team. They have the expertise and insight to save you time and effort. 

Recruitment companies save you time filling job openings by rejecting any unsuitable candidates and fielding any queries about the role, sending you only the very best to choose from.

Utilize your employees

Your employees could help you reach untapped talent and source hard-working, like-minded people for one of your open roles. Create a referral reward scheme for your employees to offer attractive benefits encouraging them to recommend qualified friends and family.

A referral scheme often removes the initial step of getting to know a candidate, assuming that the family and friends of current staff members will be of a similar nature. Employing a candidate who has been referred offers the benefit that they are already interested in and informed about your business, reassuring you that they are more likely to stay with your business long-term.

Build a strong employer brand

Your brand could be the difference to potential candidates apply to roles or skipping them. Applicants are unlikely to send their CV to a company that is unknown to them, has no online presence, or perceives it negatively. 

The majority of potential applicants check a company’s reviews or employer ratings before determining their interest in a job. Responding to any feedback you receive online or across job boards, and taking action where necessary, will help you improve your brand’s image.

Engage with your current employees by requesting stories and personal experiences to include on a company blog. Ask employees to personalize their LinkedIn profiles to show the company in a positive light will help potential candidates know if your company is right for them. 

Finally, develop a marketing strategy; many of the strategies you created for your corporate brand will help you build your employer brand. Brainstorm ideas with your team for how to show potential candidates what working for you is truly like.