Top 4 Things About Chemical Structure Search That You Must Know

Do you want to know the name of the chemical compounds mentioned in the published patents? Or, you want to be aware of the chemical structures shown in the patent drawings? Well, I have got an excellent solution for you that you would love to know. You can get in touch with the leading chemical structure search companies and ask them to offer you their search services. They have a great team of experts with technical expertise in understanding the complex structure of chemicals and simplifying it for people like you. With their search services, you will be able to know how multiple chemicals are used together to make a particular chemical or pharmaceutical. 

These chemical structure search services are mainly developed for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. It helps their R&D or Research and Development officials to do better research to innovate something new based on the known chemical structures from other patent applications. Not just that, the chemical structure search service also helps patent attorneys to protect their client’s intellectual property. In case you have concerns about the quality of search services that chemical search companies offer, you can ask them to show their work portfolio. Make sure they have worked for several clients like you previously so that they can provide you with similar services without a hitch. 

What is a chemical structure?

A specific arrangement of the chemical bonds between atoms that shows which atoms are chemically bonded with what other atoms and, more importantly, what kind of chemical bond is established between them, including the information regarding the molecule’s geometric shape, is known as “chemical structure”. 

Generally, you will see that the chemical structures drawn in patents include different shapes and terms like R1, R2, R3, X, Y, and Z that are difficult to understand for general readers. Without deeper knowledge of chemistry subjects, it would be difficult for you to understand what the diagram is showing. And if you can’t understand the diagram properly, you will not be able to know the names of the chemicals and their bonding with other chemical compounds. That’s where the structure search services of chemicals come in. A thriving chemical search company will provide you with all these details without any hassle and at a fraction of the cost that you would imagine. 

What is chemical structure searching?

The chemical structure searching allows inventors or their companies to search for chemical information in patent documents. As discussed earlier, it lets them know the names of the chemical compounds and their structure through given drawings in the published patents. 

How to use chemical structure searching services?

There are several tools available online to search the structures of the chemicals shown in the patent drawings. But using these tools could be a bit of a hassle as it has its complex terminologies and searching methods. Apart from that, you might be required to upload a chemical description file in supported formats like MOL, SMILES, and others. 

Post that, the application might prompt you to select the search type to convert the structure. Such as the name of the chemical compounds can be shown as their commercial name, CAS name, trivial name, and many more. Once that’s done, the next feature, “structure editor”, allows you to draw or edit a structure based on your choice. Finally, when it comes to drawing the chemical structure, you can draw it intuitively by looking at the familiar symbols in the chemical sketches. 

As you can see, using the online search tool for chemical structures is a long and complicated process that you might not want to get into. This is the main reason why you should collaborate with a trusted chemical search company and request them to offer you chemical structure searching services, ok? 

How do chemical structure searching services help in your patent issue?

You might not be aware of the additional benefits of the chemical structure searching services, but I’ll let you know in the next couple of minutes. When you come to know what chemicals have been used in the prior art to make a specific chemical or pharmaceutical, you become able to realize the scope of another invention in the same direction. Then, with the help of better research, improved knowledge, and technical expertise, you gain a lot more potential to create a more robust product that nobody has ever thought of. And once you file the patent application for the same invention, the chances of obtaining the legal rights for your creation increases to a great extent.

Final thoughts 

Now that you know the benefits of availing chemical structure searching services, you must contact a well-established chemical search company now. They will clear each of your doubts within seconds and may let you know what else they can do to get your patent approved sooner than later.