Top 5 Employee Personality Tests to Help You Hire the Right Candidate


Hiring a New Employee

Hiring a new employee is a hurricane task. Various factors count like their experience, qualification, background, and personality. An experienced leader can tell you that personality is one of the most significant aspects which you need to consider while hiring. But is it possible to properly assess someone’s character in a regular interview?

There are personality assessments available online which can assist employers in understanding a candidate better. These tests test a person’s strength, qualities, feeling, emotional intelligence, and, weakness.

Why Personality Assessment Test While Hiring

Your employees are stakeholders in your success and failure.  If you can assess the personality of a person, you can provide the right job to the right candidate. It helps in increasing employee satisfaction with their work. If they love what they do, they can effectively handle work pressures, deadline, and setbacks. Less work stress is equal to more productivity. It is as simple as that.

Here are top 5 personality assessment tests for your ready reference:

  1. 16pf test

16pf questionnaire is a time tested way of determining a person’s personality traits Raymond B. Cattell invented this test after years of research. He was a renowned Psychologist from Britain. It can do a full analysis of a person’s behaviour in any situation. Because it is a comprehensive study of all important factors of human behaviour. Cattell based 16pf personality test on 16 primary factors and 5 secondary factors. The primary factors are listed below:-

  1. A (Warmth)
  2. B (Reasoning)
  3. C (Emotional stability)
  4. E (Dominance)
  5. F (Liveliness)
  6. G (Rule Consciousness)
  7. H (Social Boldness)
  8. I (Sensitivity)
  9. L (Vigilance)
  10. M (Abstractedness)
  11. N (Privateness)
  12. O (Apprehension)
  13. Q1 (Openness to Change)
  14. Q2 (Self-reliance)
  15. Q3 (Perfectionism)
  16. Q4 (Tension)
  17. Myers-Briggs Test

Different people can handle the same situation in different ways. It all depends on their basic nature. Myers-Briggs personality test categorises people on the following basis:

  • Introvert or extrovert
  • Intuition sensing
  • Thinking and feeling
  • Judgment and prospective
  1.     The Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory (MMPI)

It is a comprehensive test designed to detect any mental health issue with a person. Sometimes, people seem alright from the outside, but that is just an image maintained by them. Work stress and pressures often take a toll on people. But a qualified professional can only conduct this test.

  1. Rorschach test

Rorschach test is also an employee personality test aimed at detecting any underlying mental illness in the candidate. This test is innovatively based on 10 different shapes generated on inkblots. The interpretation of the shape by the candidates tells you about their attitude. If they are taking too much time to interpret or theirunderstanding is violent, then these are some warning signs.

  1. DISC Assessment

The DISC is an employee personality test, which can instantly tell you who is a team player and who is a born leader. You can assign a role to people accordingly. This test can also detect people with diverse personalities who are capable of molding themselves into any role. DISC is the short form for Dominance – Influence – Steadiness – Conscientiousness. 


It is said that you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb the tree. It is crucial to recognize the strength and weakness of your employees to take out work from them effectively. Personality test helps you to do justice to the abilities of your employees.

Author Bio: Liliana Chitnis is a former HR professional who now works as a content marketing executive at Naman HR, an organization that offers end-to-end HR solutions to help companies build a strong human capital base. She strongly believes in the power of consistent training in the workplace. Liliana writes about various topics related to human resources and shares trends, techniques, and tips with her readers. She loves to read and practice yoga regularly, and occasionally binge on Netflix.

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