Top Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profits

Create Your Future with Pocket Change

Eventually, most of us get sick of the grind. Busting your hump to make money for a CEO you may never meet is not only disheartening, but it also lacks one of the key components we all need in life: passion. How can you be passionate about working hard for someone else’s dime? Don’t you think it is time to run your shop, forge your destiny, and take life by the horns?

But you don’t know where to start? You don’t know how business ideas are born and what tools you will need to raise them into an industry worthy of pride? Or perhaps, you are just concerned the initial startup capital will be well out of your financial scope. The first two are easy to overcome if you look at the world and see what it needs. And then fill the need.

As for the investment conundrum, we have a few suggestions for business ideas you might like that won’t break the bank.

Business Ideas with Low Start-up Costs

Business ideas can be implemented with a little ingenuity, a little elbow grease, and a can-do attitude. Passion for the work and the sense of purpose to make it amazing also helps. And, of course, your eye is on the goal, which is to navigate your ship to the most profitable horizon. Here are a few business ideas which make money that you should consider if you are unsure what to do as an entrepreneur:

1.     Online Tutoring/Coaching/Teaching

If you have a skill, there is someone who wishes to learn, and all it will cost you is the setup for your own YouTube channel, which is free. You make money on ad revenue when your following grows substantial enough. Or, you give classes using a monthly membership option.

2.     Event Planning

While crowd sizes are limited, people are still getting hitched, and they need a plan for the wedding, the reception, and so forth. Most of this can be done online, over the phone, or with small, safe visits to the necessary boutiques. And the only currency you need is success stories.

3.     Driving Lessons/RideShare

You have a car, and with the quarantine, you might want to check and see if the battery is still charged. Then hop in and start driving. Easy, elegant, and you are in control. You can either charge to teach folks to drive, or get with Uber or Lift and be your own taxi service.

4.     Cooking Instruction

Everyone loves the food network. Many of us would eat the TV when that perfect savory dish is floating across the screen unattended like a cooling apple pie in a window. So why not put your own cooking prowess to good use. Charge a minimal fee and teach others how to cook.

5.     Fitness Guru

You have probably watched those fitness videos that were so popular in the past. Sweating to the oldies was a very popular workout show in the 80s geared toward larger folks. Now with the ease of online streaming, you can charge a membership fee to help shut-ins keep the pounds off and the energy high.


Think of the services you already use. Do you pay for them or use the free options? If you said you pay, then you already know what kind of revenue a streaming video shot in your living room can make based on how much you spend. Flip that script and be the one collecting the money, not the one paying. If you still don’t know what business idea examples work, go on YouTube for five minutes. Most of these videos pull in revenue. So, why shouldn’t you? Have you found a low-cost side hustle?

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