Try Not to Fall for These Roof Repair Myths


There are a lot of people who believe in what other folks say without checking up on the actual facts. As people say, half knowledge is always dangerous to the brain! The result? People start believing them and circulate their so-called knowledge over the town. There are tons of myths associated with roofing, as most people don’t know how it works. Here are a few myths for you to learn and ignore in the future when calling a professional or performing a DIY session at home.

1. Roof ventilation is necessary

Just like every other thing in your house, a roof needs to breathe! It is very important to keep the roof ventilated to eliminate the collection of warm air inside the attic. Doing so will help you keep it healthy as well as hygienic. You have to work on a defined ratio while finding out how much space for ventilation should be allowed. 1:300 ratio is what you should follow! It is simple to understand that for every 300 square feet of area, you need to keep aside one foot for the ventilation hole.

2. Re-roofing can be performed over shingles

If you plan to paint your home, do you think you will coat the new one over the old one? Similarly, you cannot perform re-roofing over old shingles. It requires you to get new sheets and seats to settle new shingles. This will also help you keep the new roofing for longer. If you still think keeping old shingles is a good idea, what will you do when they get spoilt?

3. Anyone can repair their roof easily

This myth is for all the people who think DIY is the new solution for everything. You can always perform minor repairs on your own, but significant issues require the best roofing repair companies in Sacramento. You can’t leave it to a DIY session! It can put you as well the roof in danger, especially when you don’t understand the aftermath of what you are doing. We know many people prefer doing it on their own, but if you think you lack knowledge, it’s better to call a professional for help.

4. Installing an exhaust in your attic

This is for people who think a warm attic is a good sign of a healthy attic. You should know you are in big trouble. Adding a bathroom fan in the attic’s ventilation area can be considered one of the worst ideas ever. You are permitting bacteria, microbes, fungus and dust to grow in your attic. Even if you don’t put anything inside it, it’s a danger to your roof!

5. Installing a flash can be a part of your DIY session

Want to save your roof from getting spoilt due to water? You have to make sure you get flashing installed by a professional service provider. There are various types of flashings available in the market, and it is a strong possibility that your roof requires different kinds of those. It’s always better to get it done by the best roofing repair companies in Sacramento. They will surely give you quality and assurance along with the product and services.

6. New roofing and repairs come cheap

For all those who think that roofing repair comes cheap and it’s better to replace it than clean it or fix it, you are completely wrong! If you opt to use cheaper raw products, let us tell you they won’t last long. Make sure by believing fake facts, you don’t fall into too much trouble.

7. A metal roof will keep your house warmer

If you are getting fooled by this myth then, let us tell you that the only reason your home is warmer is because of tight insulation. The service providers made sure that no air comes or goes outside to keep your place warmer. So, it doesn’t matter if the roof is made of metal or asphalt. The only thing that matters is the insulants!

8. New roofs need less maintenance

If you think installing new roofs can get you off duty for keeping them clean then, you should know that repeating the same mistake will get you in the same trouble all over again! One has to clean the roof and take the debris off it from time to time to keep them from getting spoilt again. The roofing does not come cheap, so taking care of it is the best option for preventing it from getting spoilt.

The only thing that can save you from storing such false information in your mind is doing suitable research and taking complete information on the subject you are talking about. There are many more myths to break, and these are just some of them. If you are unsure about anything, choose to stay quiet rather than flaunt it out! It is always suggested that you select one of the best roofing repair companies in Sacramento and make sure that everything is done in the right way.