What Type Of Damages Can I Receive From A Dog Bite Claim?


 A dog bite can be traumatizing. To ensure a dog bite victim doesn’t suffer from deadly complications, they have to seek immediate medical care after the bite.

  Thanks to California dog bite laws. For those who get dog bites, such a law allows them to get compensated.

Compensation is paramount. A dog bite can leave you with long-lasting physical and mental scars.

In California, a dog owner becomes liable for your injures regardless of whether they knew that their dog had aggressive behavior and past conduct or their own carelessness.

 If you have suffered from a dog bite, you need the right information to help you seek compensation for your damages. This article provided information on what a victim may recover in case of a dog bite claim.

  Compensable Losses To Receive After A Dog Bite

   Under strict liability rules in California, the dog owner must cover all costs associated with the dog bite. But this is only if you never contributed to your injuries. While this may seem direct, stiff laws apply. This calls for injured victims to seek legal help from a  personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield to offer guidance on what damages to receive and how much your dog bite may cost. 

Each case is different, so having such a lawyer’s help; you get to know any ambiguities or facts to provide the best evidence for your claim. Here you can find tons of educational content and direct access to qualified professionals willing to help you solve these types of issues as soon as possible. For compensation, you may choose to:

  • Have the dog owner insurance company pay for your injuries
  • File a lawsuit

 Whichever case, you may receive the below damages but not limited to:

  • Medical costs: Once bitten, you have to seek the medical aid needed. This is especially where the dog may have broken your skin and caused bleeding. Dog bites medical bills can be overwhelming. You may require surgery, therapy, and much more mental treatment. In some cases, such injuries lead to other medical complications or aggravate existing injuries.    
  • Lost wages and any capacity to earn in the future: If the dog bite caused you extreme injures, you would need time off from work. This may also affect your ability to earn in the future. As such, your income will greatly be affected.
  • Pain and suffering: It’s common for dog bites to suffer from both physical as mental pain. There is no accurate formula to get the amount for your pain and suffering. Dog bites are related to mental distress where the victim may suffer from fear and other mental condition that may last for life. As such, it requires the right evidence to prove how the dog bite injuries have affected your life.  
  • In most cases, the judge uses common sense to come up with a reasonable figure. For instance, the jury may award more to an elderly man who developed a mental condition after the bite. Also, a multiplier that is normally 1.5 to 4 can be used to develop the figure. However, this only gives a rough estimate. It would be better to state any negative emotions you may have suffered after the incident for your compensation.
  • Loss of enjoyment: A dog bite is capable of loss of enjoyment of life. Where you cannot enjoy your hobbies or any other recreational activity you did before the injury, you may be compensated.

 Some cases may also demand punitive damages; this is when the dog owner’s conduct was egregious, which is meant to end any similar future conduct. However, in California, this may not be available due to the application of strict liability rules.

 To receive the above damages, you should be within the statute of limitations which is normally two years after the injury. Where you are not in a position to file your claim, your lawyer can advise on exemptions available.

 Knowing how much your personal injury case is worth requires the victim to have some legal representation.

 Get Legal Representation

 There are many types of recovery after a dog bite, which may differ depending on the circumstances of each case. Thus, you may need legal representation.

 One best way to secure compensation for your damages is to report the dog bites. In California, any dog bite victim should report a bite. This helps to minimize the spread of risks.

  Dog owners in California are liable for injuries. If you or your loved one sustained injures, you might consider seeking legal help. You should hire a lawyer who understands dog bite laws to help you document any required evidence that might be a good recipe for your claim. Such a lawyer will estimate your claim is worth and the best strategies to get a top-dollar award.

 If you are unsure of the types of compensable losses of your dog bite claim, you can get such information during your free case evaluation.