Tips To Improve Your Interior Design Business

Tips To Improve Your Interior Design Business

Being an interior designer is the best of both worlds. It’s fun, rewarding, and challenging. But challenges don’t come solely in the form of “What kind of countertop should I use for this kitchen remodel” or “Should I paint the ceiling or leave it alone?”

Sometimes, challenges come in the form of “How can I attract more customers?” or “How can I handle all these projects at once?” Here are some tips to improve your interior design business and overcome the most common business challenges.

Create a 5-Year Plan

This plan doesn’t have to be detailed. Where do you want to be in five years down the road? Do you want to go from being a freelancer to a bona fide business owner? Do you want to increase turnover? Do you want to diversify your skills and services?

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, jot down a handful of actionable ways to reach that goal. If you want to open your own business, you might want to start saving money and consider options for small business loans. If you want to diversify your skills and services, consider enrolling in an interior design course online or at a local community college.

Promote Online

How does your website look? What about your social media pages? The next tip to improve your interior design business is to promote your services online. Your website should have a clean layout and an attractive design. Don’t forget to have a page that lists your services and price ranges along with a page that provides your contact information so curious customers can get in touch with you.

As for social media, stay active! 1-4 posts per day on each platform is the recommended number. Because interior design is an incredibly visual-based field, interior designers will see the most success on visual-based platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Don’t Work Alone

Is your workload too much for one person to handle alone? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Get help before your stress levels spiral out of control. You have a few options when it comes to helpers. You can hire an assistant. You can also visit interior design forums online and ask for advice and opinions from fellow interior designers whenever you feel stuck.

Don’t be afraid to rely on technology, either. Virtual assistants and other management programs can handle an array of tasks on your behalf. You can even use technology to streamline the design process and improve profits. 3D rendering technology allow you to create and visualize spaces in photorealistic 3D before you bring them to life. This allows you to try out your ideas beforehand, saving you time and money while preventing future headaches.