Why Your E-Commerce Business May Be Losing Customers

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You know your e-commerce business has a problem if traffic rises and sales don’t. Getting more visitors to your site seems good, but if that traffic doesn’t translate to sales, something’s off. Why are visitors leaving your site without buying? Any number of factors could be to blame, from website glitches to too many ads. Whatever the case, to get your business back on track, you need to uncover the problem(s) and take action fast. 

Some of the common website design problems that send customers packing include: poor aesthetics, low-quality photos, lackluster product descriptions, too many ads and, for users on smartphones, a bad mobile experience. Sometimes the issue occurs at checkout, right when the customer’s about to buy. If you require too much information to process a transaction, such as setting up an account, a customer may get cold feet. Likewise, if shipping costs or extra fees pop up right at checkout, it can be a major turn-off.

To learn more about problems that keep visitors from sticking around, as well as quick fixes to solve them, take a look at the attached resource. Learning how to not only attract customers but also get them to purchase, will be a real game-changer for any e-commerce brand.

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AUTHOR BIO: Matt Wollersheim is VP of Sales at Performance Card Services, a high-risk merchant account provider. Wollersheim has been on the executive team since 2005. His focus is on general marketing, client relations, and the development of new processing channels.