5 Ways Technology Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Businesses are constantly looking for new innovative ways to grow their businesses and fight off the competition. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to get an edge and work efficiently. 

Technology is being used since the beginning of time to grow businesses through innovative ideas and creative ways. Today, the challenge businesses are facing is with the lockdowns and covid-19 pandemic and you have to figure out a way around it. That means you have to use technology to foster a remote working environment and make information available to employees instantly at any given time and location.

So even if you are in the business of selling titan 440 repacking kits, you can do this online with the help of technology without having to go through losses.

In this article we have listed down five ways technology can be used to grow your business today.

  1. Connecting Employees all over the World and enhancing Productivity

Technology is why businesses were able to survive this covid-19 pandemic. With work from home policies by the government, it became a necessity for all the employees to work from home. And technology made it possible for all the employees from different time zones and geographical locations to connect instantly with each other and access all the information.

With all the offices switching to virtual workspaces, it reduced the operations cost for the companies and saved them a lot of money spent on brick and mortar offices and their expenses.

The best thing about technology is that it enables effective communication, data exchange, and instant access to company data without any negative impact on productivity.

  1. Increased Productivity

Technology has given businesses so many tools and resources that have increased the productivity levels of businesses and speed up the processes.

Several tech tools can help businesses keep track of their employees’ and staff’s activities and ensure efficiency.

There are tools and Gantt charts you can use to assign a task to employees and give them deadlines to complete their tasks and duties.

There are several other tools you can use to exchange information, create digital signatures, conducts meetings and plan activities, etc.

  1. Improved Flexibility

All the tech tools can be used to improve the flexibility for employees to enhance the growth of your business. Using technology, social media apps, mobile phones, and all the digital gadgets can increase the flexibility of employees working and launching digital campaigns, etc.

There is a lot of software that is facilitating project management for companies and enhancing their working environment by providing them the flexibility of working with various tools and resources.

The best thing about using technology is, it saves you a lot of money in terms of overhead cost and operational cost of campaigns, etc.

You can view all that’s going on with the business, customers, and clients from your mobile phones. 

Today, businesses are offering their customers the flexibility of buying products and services from the comfort of their homes through their websites or social media pages.

  1. Digital Marketing is All you Need

The best thing about technology is that it has enabled you to reach out to your customers and market your products through social media pages and websites.

There are so many digital media marketing tools that you can use to target your audience;  Video campaigns, photo content, live videos, promotional polls, and contests are only to name a few.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that is used to bring traffic to your online stores and give you a sales lead. The best thing about it is that it is free. There are a lot of marketing techniques that are made easier with the technology and if used in the right way it can bring your business tons of growth.

When there was no technology, businesses had limited reach for their audience but now the reach has widened and allowed businesses to expand their businesses in terms of geographical bounds.

Due to the internet, now you order products from foreign countries as well and get them shipped, just by a click from your phone.

  1. Increased Profitability

There is no doubt that technology has only worked to facilitate businesses and grow them so much as to increase your profitability.

You can save a lot of overhead costs, billing costs, etc with the help of technology. Take an example that if you have taken your business online and closed its brick and mortar store; first you saved money on the rental property, employee cost, and billing expenses, etc.

In seconds, you can reach out to more customers through digital marketing and sell your titan 440 repacking kits on your websites and social media platforms, etc. Today a lot of marketing is being done on the internet and is pretty affordable for businesses of every budget.

With help of technology, you can sell products online, without having to invest a lot of resources. All you have to do is set your business store online and start its operations. It requires minimum investment. The best thing is, small business owners can benefit from all the tech tools as well without having to invest their entire lives.


Technology has done wonders for businesses. The key is the ability of businesses to adapt to it, in the best way possible. A lot of businesses can get all the tech gadgets, but if your employees do not know how to use them, or are against this change, you might not be able to get any benefit out of these tech products.

Technology is proven to improve communication, collaboration, increase productivity and profitability, etc. However, it’s upon the businesses how well they accept technology and train their employees according to it.

With the quick changes in the tech world and technology constantly evolving, the best businesses can do is to adapt to different tools and resources that can best benefits their operations, sales, marketing, and profitability.

Author Bio:   Hammad Awan is author of the above blog. He is doing computer science  from virtual university. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.