10 DIY Kratom Products You Can Craft at Home

DIY also known as Do It Yourself has taken over the world and now people want to create their own products be it out of kratom. Yes, it’s true! Did you know that you can now make all your Kratom-based products with super ease? But trust it you will need to be extremely careful and do it with all the precautions. 

You might not be aware of all the kratom strains and their properties, hence be knowledgeable about them before trying anything at home. There are factors to be mindful of while making your Kratom-based products. Here is a list of some DIY Kratom products to make at your home. 


  • Kratom Powder:

Kratom powder might sound like the easiest form to DIY and it actually is. There is no hidden science in making DIY Kratom powder at home. While you go to some stores they might charge you a bit higher than looks so ill. Hence learn to make your Kratom powder at home. Test the Kratom and buy the leaves for yourself from the market. 

If Kratom is grown nearby then pick those leaves. Put those leaves in the mixer and blend them till it turns into powder form. However, if you’re not feeling comfortable to blend the leaves, you can directly order the premium quality kratom products such as bali, sumatra, and maeng da kratom for happygoleafy.com.

  • Kratom Capsules:

The DIYers these days make their own Kratom capsules. They employ capsule trays that can give you ease and safety to get your own capsules. These trays consist of almost 30 – 200 small holes where you can fill in the mixture. All you have to do is put half a capsule and fill it in the tray and spread it throughout the tray. 

  • Kratom Tea:

Tea is the most loved form of Kratom by everyone who doesn’t like taking a sip while reading. Thankfully it is also one of the simplest forms to consume Kratom at home itself. All you need for making a Kratom tea is its leaves or powders, water, and a kettle. You have to bring water to a boil, drop in the leaves, and stir it. 

You don’t need to make lots of preparations to make this tea, it’s just a hassle-free thing. Note that you must not leave it for a longer time or else it will become concentrated. Consuming this tea will help you beat stress and anxiety. 

  • Water-Based Extract:

Although water-based Kratom might not work as strongly as alcohol-based, they show positive results. To give rise to water-based extract you must have Kratom leaves. You must dissolve these leaves in an ethanol-water mixture or in water alone. Additionally, you must add citric acid to the tincture to preserve it. 

Shake the mixture and set it aside in the dark for one or two days. Later strain it and let half the liquid evaporate. This process will be visible when done with alcohol. You can also use glycerin to balance out the acidity. 

  • Resin:

Unlike extracts, resins are in semi-solid form made from Kratom leaves. These are highly concentrated as they are not diluted as liquids. These resins are some wards difficult to make but can be gained faster than those liquid-base extracts. Add enough water to Kratom powder just to cover it. 

Add lemon juice after mixing it well. Let it set overnight and then freeze the mixture. Then boil water, and add in the frozen Kratom and lemon juice or lime. Let it simmer until it comes to a quarter of the water you poured in. Cool the mixture and evaporate the water again. Let all the water go away. Later bake it in the oven and you get the resin. 

  • Kratom Oil:

It’s completely possible to make DIY Kratom oil at home. You can employ different techniques such as distillation, cold pressed, solvent extraction, and CO2 extraction to bring out Kratom oil. The techniques will vary on the elements of the plants. There are plants that require alcohol for extraction while others require just water. 

Be perfectly knowledgeable about the strain of Kratom you are using. Heat the Kratom leaves to 100°c and let them pass through the separation plant. Later the volatile and nonvolatile components will be separated. Water will go down and the oil will remain at the top. 

  • Kratom Coconut Oil Cubes:

Kratom oil cubes might sound unusual but they actually exist. For making these cubes you will have to put both white and green Kratom powder into the mold. The amount of it should be half a tablespoon but you can increase it to 2 tablespoons too. 

Later melt the coconut oil and pour it into the molds. It should be enough to mix with the Kratom which comes to 1 tablespoon per pocket. Later mix using the chopstick and keep it for freezing 20 minutes. And you are done.

  • Kratom Gummies:

Chewy candies are one of the most preferred methods to consume Kratom. And thankfully you can make it by yourself. Firstly you must buy the best quality Kratom concentrates either online or offline. Later add that concentrate to high-temperature water and blend in with the gelatin. This will further lead to gummies that are filled with goodness and health. You can also use kratom powders to make gummies.

  • Kratom Vape Juice:

You can make your own Kratom vape juice at home with just a few ingredients. You will need Kratom powder, pure honey, distilled water, and flavoured soft drinks. Take a glass and fill it to one-third. 

After that, you will have to add three to four tablespoons of Kratom powders and stir it. Later add one tablespoon of honey to it and keep stirring slowly. Pour in lukewarm water and stir vigorously. Later you can add any soft drink of your choice and you are done. 

  • Kratom Blends:

Another way to use kratom is to create blends of various strains. It seems to be a bit easier and you can do it with just a little research. First of all, get the best strains of kratoms, and mix them as they must after knowing all the aspects. Measure the right amount and blend them to use.


To pull it in a nutshell, you will have to be extra careful while making your Kratom-based products. It’s super easy to make your own products, You will just have to seek the best quality raw materials. Start slow and choose the right process to give rise to the best stuff.