10 Virtual Icebreakers for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Small interactive team-building activities strengthen connectivity among hybrid and remote teams. Such virtual team-building activities are termed virtual icebreakers. The Covid-19 outbreak led to the global implementation of work-from-home policies. 

Virtual icebreaking activities offer better bonding with teammates from miles away. Create fellowship with new co-workers and kickstart remote meetings with creativity.

This blog offers some of the commonly used icebreaking techniques. 

10 Virtual icebreaker ideas for remote and hybrid teams

Commence virtual meetings with the following icebreakers. Bring your teammates closer from remote areas. 

  1. Joining location of the teammates 

An utterly remote team has different work settings. Teammates may take turns in showing around their current workspace. 

Viewing the different work settings allow teammates to get accustomed to the situation better. Try taking some time out for the next meeting, implementing this icebreaker. 

  1. One word summaries- 

Try summarizing each teammate’s week in one word. The highest Scrabble score receiver gets to choose the icebreaker for the next meeting. 

  1. Two truths and one lie- 

This icebreaking activity is by far the most interactive one. Each teammate has to tell one lie and two truths about themselves. The rest of the teammates have to guess the lie in it.

Isn’t it interesting? A silly yet simple icebreaker can offer good brainstorming. Thereby setting the mood of the meeting ahead.

  1. Dance break- 

Yet another fun icebreaker for getting out of the cocoon. Dance breaks at casual meetings lighten up the work surrounding. 

Allow other teammates to choose the jam. Whether it’s the same synched jam or a dance classic, show off your moves. From loud blood pumping moves to small casual nods to beats, every move counts. 

  1. Sketch Sessions-

This icebreaker will bring out the Picasso in you. An engaging activity begins with the team prompting a question. Being visually answered, members have to draw their guesses. 

Following the drawing, teammates have to guess the correct answers. Lesser artistic teams bring out the best of this icebreaking activity. 

  1. Desert Island questions-

Each teammate has to pick two items they would take to a deserted island. Or maybe three movies or books they can carry there. It is a classic fun-filled activity everyone would love to indulge in.

  1. Emoji Check- 

Team meetings may be visual or over text. For such times, here’s a full-proof option of bonding. Each teammate has to send an emoji depicting their day. It’s a short yet fun activity amidst work.

  1. Miscellaneous questions- 

Take out a few minutes before the meeting schedule. Put down miscellaneous questions in a google doc. At the commencement of the meeting, randomly pick up questions. Try this fast and easy icebreaker today. 

  1. Cooling sessions-

Morning meetings ask for a good cup of coffee in our favorite mugs. What’s better than starting by flashing your mugs before the meeting. Teammates can do a little mug catwalk and decide on which mug wins. 

To make it more interesting, teammates may rate each other’s coffee orders. Let the best order win!

  1. Things in common-

Foster better friendship among teammates working on things in common. Look for ten things in common for a meeting, be it wearable or stationery. Soon it will turn out to be a fun challenge worth engaging in.

Summing up!

Breaking barriers ensures efficient working amongst teammates. This is where virtual team meeting comes into play. Far away or close, keep your team together. Try out the icebreaking activities today.