12 Ways to Set Your Child Up For Success – Personally & Professionally

Raising children is a full-time responsibility and every parent wants to see their children grow to become successful in every walk of life. 

But with hectic work routines, responsibilities, and tiredness, there is a lot going on in a parent’s lives which leaves them unable to do anything.

Maybe as a parent, you think about it too but don’t know what to do exactly. Here, we have made a list of 12 Ways to Set Your Child Up For Success – Personally & Professionally. Have a look:

1-  Live in a Better Neighborhood

Not everyone is wealthy enough to secure a house in the posh areas of the city.  Some people might think that these things don’t matter because so many rich kids have turned out to be spoiled brats and poor kids have made a significant mark with nothing but with their hard work. 

Studies have shown that if a kid grows up in an environment where people value education, have a good culture of creating opportunities, and supporting children’s needs, there is a good chance he or she will turn out like them somehow. 

Living in a better neighborhood doesn’t have to be in the upper class but somewhere you see a family-friendly environment within your budget.  It has other perks as well.  Like you don’t have to pay for their extracurricular activities like piano, dance practices, or swimming lessons because here kids are driven to find their own way with a little bit of help. 

2-  Become the Best Version of Yourself

Your children will pick up after their parents because, for them, parents are the role model. If the role model is stressed and an angry person, there isn’t much that can be done for your child’s success and positive growth. 

Parenting is hard when you are emotionally miserable. This could have seriously affected your child. As a parent, you need to loosen up and be happy about whatever you are doing. Stress can only make things worse.

 People only thrive in their goals when they are happy and not stressed. The same goes for children.

3-  Make them Do the Chores

There are a lot of small chores that can be done by a child, including taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, folding laundry, walking the dog, cleaning up their room, and many things like that. 

At that age, children might hate doing them, but it will help them learn the value of hard work and what they need to do to live independently once they are on their own. Parents must make sure that they are authoritative in moderation. The goal is to make them learn about life skills where they respect authority and not feel insecure.

4-  Focus on their Reading and Interpreting Skills

Kids are curious by nature and if a child is involved in reading books and interpreting math problems in the first five years, they are going to be very intelligent.

Children love stories so it would be fitting that parents give them reading books to boost their interest in various genres. The same goes for math interpretations. You can teach them to learn the basics with props and toys around them. Children are smart and they pick up such interesting things easily.

5-  Improve their Social Skills

Social skills are one of the most important things for personal and professional development. People with great social skills have a greater chance of success in their life. Most socially active kids become successful by having a college degree and a full-time job by the time of 25.  So, teach your child how to speak to a stranger, how to engage in teamwork, how to help people, and let them be a part of social activities outside your home.

6-  Have High Expectations from your Child

If you want your child to be personally and professionally successful, you need to have high expectations from your child. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. It means setting high expectations that your child will become a successful person and trying hard to achieve them. 

Researches have shown that people with low income can make their dream come true if they set high expectations and try to work in that particular direction.

7-  Let them Make Mistakes and Learn from them

Nobody is perfect and certainly not the children. They can forget the sports uniform at home, they can forget about homework while playing, and they can fall off the chair by standing on it even after you explicitly told them not to.

They will make mistakes and it is okay. 

There is no need to overreact. So, let them make mistakes and learn from them. This will only make them better. Just not let them quit and be afraid of failing. 

Encourage them to keep trying until they get the desired results. Children may get disappointed that they cant play better but parents must support them with a positive attitude by saying, “let’s give it another shot” or “Why don’t you try again this time?”.

8-  Show them How to Do the Job Welldone

Sometimes it is hard for children to focus on one thing, so they keep on changing different classes and hobbies. It is possible they haven’t found the right hobby that really hits them. But this attitude isn’t healthy at all. 

You can’t achieve something if you haven’t done the hard work for it. So, show your children how to do the work perfectly by giving it the time and energy it requires. 

Teach them how a well-done job is necessary. Completing the task with all the sloppiness just to finish is like work not done. Push a little harder so that they know the importance of a job well done.

9-  Encourage them to Become the Best Version of Themselves

Most parents expect their children to follow the path of a successful person so that they become successful, but the concept is all wrong.

It is high time that parents and children come out of this stereotypical notion to follow the footsteps of a successful person or their mom or dad instead of paving their own path to success. 

Many experts suggest that the tendency to passionately sustain interest towards very long-term goals through continuous reevaluation can lead to better results. But it is all about continuous motivation toward your goal within your grasp.

10-  Send Your Kids Abroad for Education and Exposure

Parents only want what is best for their child and here is an option to send your kids abroad for better education and exposure. 

So many parents are overwhelmed by the idea of sending their children to a foreign country to become successful. 

Studying abroad comes with a lot of opportunities including learning a new language, experiencing a different culture, strengthening social skills, self-sufficiency and not to mention the competitive international work environment. 

Many schools offer scholarships and child visas to the USA or UK and your child can apply in one of those programs. But, if you are looking for admission to a boarding school abroad then you may have to acquire a Child Visa for your child through the legal proceedings. 

If your child goes abroad for schooling, then there are more chances of getting into a prestigious university like Harvard, Oxford, Brown, Berkeley, and many more.  

11-  Teach them to Establish Meaningful Relationships 

Relationships are an important aspect of anyone’s life. Man is a social animal, and this relationship exists for social and emotional needs. Especially for a child, his or her parent’s relationship is the key to form and build his or her own relationships.

It has a strong influence on a child’s psychological development and overall growth.  When children are disturbed by their own family relationships, it is hard for them to focus on school, play the game, and even form new relationships with teachers and other classmates. 

If parents aren’t careful, a child could become an irresponsible adult with psychiatric problems. Family dinner time, family meetings, game night, playdates with other kids, vacation trips are all great ways to involve your kids in meaningful relationships.

12-  Teach them to be Healthy

Physical health is very important for kids and adults equally. A healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body so there have to be rules for maintaining health even for kids.

Setting boundaries to watch TV, playtime, sleep, eating, and doing homework is the key to balance a juggling lifestyle. For example, if your child likes to play video games, maybe try to have him/her indulge in an outdoor sport that involves physical activity. 

Teach them to eat healthily by mentioning the benefits of certain food items instead of buying them fast food. Help them shift their focus on a healthy way of living instead of a good look and body shaming. 

Another aspect of staying mentally healthy means saying no to things that they don’t feel right. Teach them to say no. Teach them to make small decisions to stay out of trouble and be in control of the things they do.


While these mentioned ways are some of the tried-and-tested ways to set-up your child for personal and professional success, there are other things as well.

Here, it is important to understand that the path isn’t straight for every child. Some kids have to go through many difficulties to achieve something while some end up having achievement because they were always on the right path. Do what’s best for you and your child. Make a plan, put your efforts and energy in that direction, and have faith that all of this will be fruitful.