20 Science-Backed Ways to Stay Motivated

20 science backed ways to stay motivated

Setting goals in life seems simple enough, and we’ve all probably set goals for ourselves at some point. But in order to reach those goals, we have to keep ourselves motivated, which isn’t always easy. Whether it be work, fitness, or life in general, sometimes staying focused and productive can be tough. We start a goal, determined to achieve it and then life happens. Something comes up, we procrastinate and we don’t end up following through and showing up for ourselves. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Motivation is something that we’ve all struggled with, especially during these times. Good news is, we can always find new ways to tap in and find that inspiration again. 

Things like simplifying your goals, planning out your week, discovering your why, treating yourself for small wins, and grabbing an accountability partner are just a few small things that can make a huge difference in our motivation levels. 
If you’re looking for some ways to stay motivated, here are 20 tips backed by science that should help you get there.

Motivation tips infographic

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