3 Hyper-Relevant SEO Tips for Leaders and Small Business Owners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something online marketers can’t ignore. SEO determines your website’s visibility and there are three aspects leaders and small business owners don’t want to ignore.

Buy an Exact Match Domain 

An exact match domain is an easy way to boost SEO rankings. It may be an exact match for keyword searches, putting your site at the top of the search engine’s results.

Leaders with businesses in a small niche often have a unique keyword they want to highlight. For example, “delegated managing.” It automatically lets searchers know that this is what your business specializes in. You’ll want to purchase a domain with those keywords, so the name is, “delegatedmanaging.com.”

For small business owners, this could look like “pianomoversdallas.com” or “miamidentist.com.” The domain is the name of the website, but it does not have to be the same as the business. Instead, it lets online searchers know that they have landed on a relevant webpage and they’ll find the product or service they’re looking for.

If You Hire an SEO Agency, Go Niche Relevant 

Hiring an SEO agency will free up your time to devote to other business details, like providing exceptional products and services. While most SEO agencies will help improve your search engine rankings, it’s always best to choose one that focuses on your niche.

For example, some SEO agencies work primarily with attorneys, while others might focus on plumbers. The agency is familiar with the niche and what consumers are looking for when they initiate a search. 

For example, SEO agency owner Garit Boothe focuses on FinTech companies. Along with search engine optimization, GB Digital performs related digital marketing services like Google Advertising. If you’re a financial technology company, this type of niched-down agency has unique insight into your business.

Know Your Numbers 

SEO consists of a lot of data and numbers. You are tracking, sorting, and analyzing a lot of data. It’s often too much for one small business or leader to keep up with. Not knowing your website’s numbers isn’t a viable option for the company. You are missing out on potential leads and sales.

You should know how many leads your marketing is producing. It shows how effective your campaigns are. You also need to know what your sales close rate is. When your website starts getting a lot of traffic, using a tool like Woopra to track your analytics will give you a concise idea of how well your campaign is doing.

Small business owners will know what campaigns resonated with consumers, and which ones didn’t produce sales. Data from consumer trends and their journey on your website are also analyzed. You’ll also have access to predictive analytics that will give you an idea of future marketing trends.


SEO is confusing, even for experienced leaders and small business owners. There is a lot of data to manage. However, it’s not something that online companies want to ignore if they want to remain relevant in the digital marketplace.